Best Soil Mix for Rooting Cuttings

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The success of propagating any plant from cutting depends highly on the type of rooting media for propagation. Any medium which provides moisture and oxygen in the right balance and is free of disease, insects and weed seeds can be used for propagating cuttings.

The rooting media qualities and requirement are considered and the best soil mix is recommended for successfully rooting cuttings.

How to Propagate Bougainvillea From Cuttings

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Bougainvillea is a great flowering plant which adds vibrant colors to the garden. It produces leaves of different colors. It is a beautiful plant that can be grown in pots and a great gift plant. Given below is a step by step procedure to grow bougainvillea from cuttings.

Follow these steps to propagate bougainvillea with high success rate. I have grown several bougainvillea cuttings of different colors by this method with 100 percent success rate and gifted the plants to my friends. Looking to my bougainvilleas, my neighbors often ask me, can bougainvillea be grown from a cutting? Yes, it is easy and quick!

How To Propagate Pomegranate From Cuttings

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Pomegranate trees (Punica granatum L.) can be propagated from seeds or stem cuttings. The seed grown pomegranate plants rarely grow true to the parent, whereas, the plants cloned from cuttings reliably reproduce the parent pomegranate plant.

The question is how to clone a pomegranate tree. There are many ways reported on the internet to propagate pomegranates from seeds and stem cuttings, both softwood and hardwood cuttings. Continue reading below to learn on a step-by-step procedure on how to root a pomegranate cutting successfully.

Natural Remedies For Sunburns

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The ultraviolet rays in sun are harmful to the skin, causing several skin problems including sunburn and sun poisoning and even skin cancer.

The sunburn causes skin redness and blistering which may be followed by pain, swelling and peeling.

How to Keep Bananas Fresh : Keeping Bananas Green

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A green banana is a living system that releases ethylene and ripens gradually over time, making changes in its color, odor, texture and taste. The problem is that the bananas at home ripen so quickly that often they become brown before you can eat them. So the natural question is how to stop bananas from getting ripen too quickly and prevent spoilage; in other words how to slow down banana ripening. Also you may like to kniw whether bananas ripen faster in a bunch or separated.

10 Herbs and Spices For Cancer Prevention

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Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells begin to divide uncontrollably, attacking surrounding tissues. It can spread throughout the body from one point of origin via the lymph and blood systems. It claims millions of victims every year.

The best way to fight against cancers is to prevent them. Many Indian spices and herbs have ability to stimulate the immune system, strengthening our bodies against invasion of toxins, bacteria and virus, due to the presence of phytochemicals in them. These spices can prevent the multiplying of malignant cells in the body leading to the cancer cells. Find a list of 10 most powerful herbs and spices that can prevent cancer.

Mango Maturity and Ripeness Guide

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When you go to buy mangoes, often the question comes in the mind whether the mango you are buying is ripe or not. Is there a rule which tells you that the mango is ripe or unripe? How to tell if a mango is ripe. If you look at the mango ripening chart given below, you will know if the mango is ripe by looking at the color of the mango.

Best Fruits To Grow In Pots

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I grow many fruits trees in pots as I do not have enough garden space. The advantage of growing fruit trees in containers is that the plant can be moved in sun or shade as and when required.  Such potted fruit trees do not take too much garden space and also they look nice and attractive so that they can be place even near the entrance of the house.

Given below a list of best fruits to grown in pots, both dwarf varieties and normal fruit trees.

How to Water Plants in Containers

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I have more than 250 plants in containers of different sizes in my kitchen garden. I grow vegetables, herbs, spices, flowers and fruit trees in pots of sizes ranging from small to large. The health and growth of the plants depend on how much, how often and how I water the plants, besides other things.

The question is how to water plants in containers? My many of the friends often complain that their potted plants suffer due to under-watering. That is true, but over-watering can kill the plants. During the early years of my gardening, I killed some of my lovely plants by giving them too much water. What are the signs of plants that are water stressed or over-watered?

How to Grow Fruit Trees in Pots

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Many people think that only flowers and vegetables can be grown in pots. But fruits can be grown in pots as well.

Growing fruit trees in pots allows you to have fresh organic fruits even if you don't have enough garden space. I do not have a large back yard  to plant many fruit trees. Also I know that when the fruit trees will go taller in ground, they will block the sun light needed for my veggie patch.