Propagation of Hydrangeas from Cuttings, Layering, Root Division

Hydrangeas have great good showing ability, bloom in lots of colours and are very easy to grow (tips for growing hydrangeas).

Hydrangeas are very easy to propagate from stem cutting, layering and root division method.  Basically propagating hydrangeas is similar to propagation of blueberries, rose propagation, propagating curry leaf plant and propagating Arabian jasmine.

Hydrangeas can be propagated from semi-hardwood cuttings, tip cuttings or by layering or division. You should try the propagation of hydrangea that did not flower this year. Why Do Hydrangea Bloom Green | Changing Hydrangeas color
Hydrangeas Blooms can be pink to blue colours
Hydrangeas Blooms

Propagation of Hydrangea By Stem Cutting

Several years ago, I planted my first hydrangea from a stem cutting. Based on my experience, I give below the following tips for successfully rooting a hydrangeas from cuttings.

Best Time For Hydrangea Propagation

Winter or early spring is the best time for propagating hydrangeas for home gardeners. At this time the hydrangeas blooms will die and you can take cuttings only from the stems which have not bloomed.


  1. Fill the pot with equal parts of potting mix and sand or vermiculite and water it thoroughly and allow to drain. Insert a pencil size stick in the pot at the center to 1 inch above the bottom. Keep aside. 
  2. Selecting Hydrangea Cutting: Select a semi-hard stem which has not flowered this year. In the morning take a cutting about 5-6 inch long with 3-4 set of leaves with sharp scissors or pruning shears. Remove the lower 2 sets of leaves and the top tip of the cutting. Cut all the leaves to about half their size. 
  3. Dip cutting in rooting hormone and remove the stick and insert (do not push) the prepared cutting into the prepared pot. I did not use any rooting hormone and still I was successful. 
  4. Place the pot in a polythene bag and close it on top and keep in shade. It may not require to water again for 8-10 days until top soil begins to feel slightly dry. 
  5. New leaves will begin to emerge in 3-4 weeks depending on temperature. You can see roots coming at the bottom or if you feel that the cutting is resisting a slight pull, it is rooting. 
  6. Transfer the plant to a bigger container.
Hydrangeas rooted by stem cutting
Hydrangeas rooted by stem cutting

Propagation of Hydrangea By Root Division

I also made new plants by root division method from my old hydrangea plant which was several years old and outgrown such that the container was all jam-packed. The tips for root division of hydrangea are following
Hydrangeas propagated by root division
Three Hydrangeas propagated by root division
  1. The best time for toot division is when your hydrangeas are dormant. 
  2. Tap the pot at many places all-round to make the roots lose. carefully take out the plant. If the original plant is in ground, then dig up as much of the root ball as possible and remove the plant from ground. 
  3. Divide the plants by carefully separating the roots and plant them in new pots. Water well and keep the pots in shade. 
  4. If you want to grow the new plants in ground then select an area that receives sun only in morning. Water regularly.

    Hydrangea Propagation By Layering

    1. Hydrangeas can also be rooted by layering method by using the following steps:
    2. Select a lower branch on a hydrangea bush and push down, cover one or two nodes with soil and put a small weight so that the branch remains in the soil. 
    3. Water the plant to keep the soil damp at all times. 
    4. In a few weeks time, the branch will develop new growth. 
    5. Cut the rooted branch and plant it in a pot.


    Just got a chance to layer some dark red lacecaps. Hope it goes well. I scraped the bottom of a low branch, put some planting soil on the ground, sprinkled some Rootone on, covered with more soil and held down with bricks.

    Hope the hydrangea will root. Please post the update here.

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