How To Grow Papaya Tree From Cuttings: Papaya Air Layering Propagation

Growing papaya from cuttings and by air layering are recent techniques of papaya propagation. Papaya or pawpaw plants are generally propagated by seeds, however, their propagation from cuttings may be needed to get true clones. Growing papaya from stem cutting is difficult and the success rate is low, but growing papaya from air layering or marcotting is easy and highly successful.

How To Grow Camellia in Containers: Camellia Care In Pots

Growing camellias in containers is quite easy if you take care for soil, feeding camellias in pots, when and how to prune camellias and how often to water camellias in pots. You can grow camellias in pots outside and indoors as well,  I am growing camellias in pots in Sydney, Australia. Potted camellias look great on balconies, patios, porches, verandas and gardens.

How To Increase Flowering in Arabian Jasmine Plant | Homemade Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant

Learn how to increase flowering in your Arabian jasmine plant if it is not blooming and keep it blooming by following the tricks shown here. Also find the best fertilizer for jasmine plant how to make homemade liquid fertilizer for jasmine.

The jasmine plant at a garden nursery have lots of flowers, but when you take home the plant you find that after some time your jasmine has stopped producing blooms, even there may be no flowers at all. So what to do when Arabian jasmine is not blooming, how to increase flowering in jasmine plant?

How to Grow Lots of Lemons on Lemon Tree | Lemon Tree Care

Know how to grow tons of lemons faster on lemon tree and how to grow and care for lemon tree including best fertilizer for lemon trees and how to prune a lemon tree. Follow the lemon tree care tips for growing more lemons on your lemon tree and have a huge harvest of lemons from a single tree. I am growing lime and lemon trees in pots and garden in Sydney, Australia and having a huge harvest of fruit every year.

Hibiscus Propagation: Propagating Hibiscus In Water and Soil

Hibiscus can be propagated by cuttings in water and soil, and also from seeds. However, the hibiscus grown from seeds may be different from the parent hibiscus plant and the flowers they grow may be worse or even better than the parent plant. But the hibiscus propagation from hibiscus stem cuttings will be clone to the parent hibiscus and produce flowers exactly similar to the parent tree. 

How To Grow Corn From Seeds At Home | Corn Seed Germination

Read below how to grow corn from seeds at home and the fastest method of corn seed germination, even indoors. The corn seed germination experiment reveals that by pre sprouting the corn seeds and then planting them is the fast method for growing corn from kernels. Two methods of growing corn from seeds and even from a cob are given.

How to Grow Moringa Tree From Cuttings : Moringa Propagation from Cuttings

Know the details on how to grow a moringa tree from cuttings indoors and outdoor. Also when and how to take cuttings and how to plant the moringa cutting. A moringa tree (drumstick tree, malunggay) can easily be grown from a moringa stem cutting. Moringa propagation from stem cuttings is very good when you don't have moringa seeds, you just need cuttings from branches of mature moringa tree.

How To Grow Date Palm Tree From Seed | How To Germinate Date Seeds

You can grow a date palm tree from a date seed, pit or stone, even from grocery store dates. The date palm tree grown from seed will take 4 to 8 years to bear fruits (Khajoor) after planting the date seed. However, if grown from offshoots, you will get fruits in a shorter time. Continue reading below to know the details and tips to germinate date seeds quickly and then planting the sprouted seeds in a pot or ground.

How To Grow Grapes From Seeds, Grape Seed Germination

Read below how to grow grapes from seeds at home and how to germinate grape seeds. Grapes are very healthy and they taste very good. Grapevines look beautiful in the garden and you can have pounds of grapes from your grapevine every year. Grapes are normally propagated from cuttings or grafting, but you can  grow grapes from seeds, even you can grow grapes from grapes you buy from grocery store.

How To Grow Almond Tree From Seed At Home: Almond Seed Germination

This article is on how to grow an almond tree from seeds at home and how to germinate almond seeds. It is possible to grow almonds from seeds or nuts from grocery store.  For this, the first step is to germinate almond seeds indoors. I have successfully germinated almond seeds from almond nuts from a grocery store in Sydney, Australia and grown an almond tree which produced flowers in just 2 years.

How To Grow Coriander Indoors | Grow Cilantro From Seeds At Home

Know how to grow coriander indoors from seeds at home and how to germinate coriander seeds in any season. Coriander (Cilantro) can grow well indoors from store bought whole coriander on a window sill in your kitchen. Know how to germinate and grow coriander from seeds indoors in 3 to 7 days in any season. You can use this fastest method for growing coriander from coriander seeds. You can germinate dried coriander seeds in a paper towel indoors and then plant them in soil. You can also grow coriander from roots or cuttings.

How To Grow Nectarine Tree, Growing Nectarines In Containers

Find the complete details on how to grow nectarine tree in containers and garden bed. The nectarine tree (Prunus persica var. nucipersica.) is a deciduous  tree which belongs to the peach tree family. They can grow to 25 feet high and wide, but grafted and dwarf varieties grow up to 12 feet.

Nectarines can be grown in containers like any other fruit trees, however, a dwarf nectarine tree is most suitable for growing in a pot. The advantage of growing a