Polyembryonic Seedlings Separation : Monoembryonic vs. Polyembryonic Mango Seeds

Know the difference between monoembryonic and polyembryonic mango seed and how to separate polyembryonic mango seedlings.
There are two types of mango seeds, mono-embryonic and polyembryonic types.What is the difference between the two mango seed types?

How To Grow and Care For Lychee Tree: Growing Lychee From Seed

Learn how to grow lychee from seeds of the Lychee fruit. Lychee seed germination needs a warm climate and high humidity. The Lychee fruit grown from seed may be different than the parent tree in quality and taste and take many years to produce fruits, whereas the lychee tree grown from cuttings or layering will produce fruits in 3-4 years.

How To Grow Magnolias In Containers

Can magnolias be grown in containers? Which magnolia trees can be grown in containers?Yes, you can plant and grow a magnolia tree in a pot.  The dwarf magnolia varieties can easily be grown in containers. But the  normal magnolia varieties can also be grown is pots, if grown in a very large pot having a drainage hole at the bottom. 

How To Store Curry Leaves

Simple methods are given on how to store or preserve curry leaves for long in fridge and outside fridge. The curry leaves can be grown from seeds or cuttings at home and it is not difficult. However, everybody does not grow the plant in their gardens so they have to buy curry leaves from grocery store. But the curry leaves are not available all the year, so one has to store curry leaves. Continue reading blow to learn how to store curry leaves for months at home.

Foods That Boost the Immune System

How to boost immune system, are there immune system booster foods? With the recent coronavirus pandemic outbreak, many people are worried about how to boost their immune system to protect against diseases. The immune system is made up of a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that work together and defend the body against infection.

How to Grow Peace Lilly Plant : Peace Lily Care

Know all the details on how to grow and care for a peace lily plant indoor and outdoor and also how to propagate peace lily by simple root division. The meaning of peace lily is peace and prosperity. Peace lily is considered as an auspicious feng shui plant.

Growing Blackberries In Containers

Growing blackberry plants in containers at home is quite easy if you take proper care for soil, planting, watering, pruning, dividing, harvesting and fertilization. The thornless blackberry plant may begin to grow blackberries on the canes in the first year itself. The thornless blackberry varieties are suited for pots, although any variety can be grown in a pot.

How To Graft A Mango Tree

Know all the steps to learn how to graft a mango tree. Grafted mango trees take a shorter time to start flowering and fruiting. Grafting is a technique used to join two plants to grow them as a single plant [1,2]. The upper part (scion) of one plant after grafting grows on the root system (rootstock) of another plant.

How to Care For a Croton Plant Outdoor and Indoor

Know how to care for croton plant. Crotons are most beautiful houseplants with bright and vibrant multicolored foliage. Most people find the croton plants fussy and difficult to care for. But if you care for your croton plant as per its specific requirements for light, temperature, water and humidity, they will continue to delight you for decades..

How To Grow and Care For Jade Plant

Learn how to grow jade plant from stem cuttings and a single leaf in soil and water. Follow the easy instructions on jade plant propagation.

The Jade Plant (Cassula Ovata, Crassula argentea), native to South Africa is succulent shrub. The jade plant cleans the air, so it is a very good indoor house plant. It absorbs toxic gases released from paints, carpets, walls, furniture, adhesives, etc, thereby improving the air quality.