How to Grow Crabapple Tree From Cuttings: Propagating Crabapple Tree

Read below to know how to grow a crabapple tree from cuttings. People try to grow a crabapple tree from seeds or from a crabapple. A crabapple (Malus spp.) tree is a beautiful ornamental tree that produces bright pink, white or red blossoms in spring and then beautiful orange and red foliage in autumn. It also produces small fruit in late summer.

Jade Plant Problems: Wrinkled, Wilting, Limping, Droopy Leaves, Leggy Plant, Stunted Growth

The jade  plant is generally problem-free. But the plant may have some problems, mainly leaf problems like leaves falling off, wrinkled, limping and dropping leaves or brown, yellow black leaves. The plant may be leggy or its growth is reduced. The plant may have such problems if lighting, overwatering or underwatering or incorrect soil.

How To Plant Magnolia Tree : Planting Magnolia Trees In Ground and Pot

This page describes how to plant a magnolia tree in ground and in pot and where and when to plant magnolia trees, as I have done in Sydney, Australia. I will show the complete procedure for planting a little gem magnolia tree in ground, but the process is good for growing both Deciduous magnolias and Evergreen magnolias of all types including Little gem, southern magnolia trees, brown beauty, saucer, teddy bear, Jane, Port Wine magnolia, and all other magnolia trees.

How To Care For Jade Plant Indoors, Outdoor and In Winter

Find complete details on jade plant care indoors, outside and in winter; and where to place jade plant in home according to Feng Shui. Jade plants (Crassula Ovata), native to South Africa and Mozambique is known as money plant or good luck and prosperity plant. Jade plants are perfect as gifts plants because they are quite easy to grow indoors and outdoors in pots and in ground.

How to Grow Sapodilla Tree From Seed, Growing Sapota Chiku From Seeds

Details on how to grow Sapodilla or Chiku (Chikoo) tree from seed and how to germinate chiku seeds are given. A Sapota tree can easily be grown from store bought sapota fruits, as I have grown it in Sydney, Australia. The best part of growing Sapodilla tree from seed is that you need only one tree to get fruits as the Sapodilla trees are self-fertile, so they do not need cross-pollination from another Sapodilla tree.

How To Pollinate Corn Plants: Corn Pollination

Details on when and how to pollinate corn plants, when to pollinate and how to tell if corn is pollinated are given below.

Corn or maize is a monoecious plant, it has both the male (tassels) and female (silks and ear) reproductive parts flowers are present on the same plant [1, 2]. The ear is the female flower of the corn plant. The tassels emerge from the flowers on the top of the corn plant, and the silk or hair (stigmas) and ears emerge on the rest of  the plant.

How To Grow Oleander From Cuttings in Water or Soil: Kaner Propagation From Cuttings

Know how to grow and propagate oleander (Kaner) from cuttings in water and soil; and when and how to take oleander cuttings.

Can you grow an Nerium Oleander from a cutting? Yes, Nerium Oleander can be grown from cuttings quite easily, although oleander propagation (Kaner, Karabi) from seeds and layering is also possible. The method of oleander propagation from stem cuttings is the same for Pink oleander, Salmon pink oleander, White oleander, Yellow oleander, Red oleander, etc.

Growing Nectarine Tree From Cuttings

Growing nectarines form cuttings will be the clone of the parent trees and will grow fruits of the same quality as the parent trees. The nectarine (Prunus persica var. nucipersica.) may also be propagated from seeds, but can also be grown from cuttings quite easily.

Tips For Pain Free Gardening: Preventing Back and Knee Pain After Gardening

Know the easy tips for preventing pain after gardening specially lower back pain, knee pain or hip pain or pain in neck and shoulders and how to reduce the chance of pain and injury when gardening. You could have pain after gardening in your back, knee, shoulders, arm, forearm, buttock, hip, etc. Why do we have body ache after gardening?

How to Grow an Apple Tree From Seed | Apple Tree Propagation From Seeds

Know how to grow an apple tree from seed at home and apple seed germination from the details given below. The apple tree grown from seeds takes from 4 to 8 years to bear fruit. However, apple trees don't come true to the type from seeds, means that the tree from the seed will produce apples that will be different than the parent. The seed grown apple plant may be usually inferior to the parent tree.

Moringa Tree Diseases and Problems, Moringa Tree Care

Read below how to care for moringa tree and get answers for several moringa tree diseases and problems like leaves turning yellow or white, holes in leaves, root rot problems, moringa not growing or producing flowers and dying moringa tree; and how to tackle these moringa problems and their management.

How To Grow Persimmons In Containers | Caring For Persimmon Tree in A Pot

Can persimmon trees grow in pots? Yes, persimmon tree does well in pots. Persimmons can be grown in containers if you don't have enough space in hour garden, provided you take care of the pot size, watering the plant and how to prune and repot the persimmon tree growing in a pot. 

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