How To Grow Neem Tree In Pot | Potted Neem Tree Care

Learn how to grow a neem tree in containers and how to care for a neem tree in a pot. Growing a neem tree in a container is good if you do not have space in your garden or you live in cool climates.  You can keep your potted neem tree on terrace or balcony and move indoors to protect it from bad weather.

How To Grow Persimmons From Seeds

The detailed guide on how to grow persimmon tree from seeds and persimmon seed germination is given below.The persimmon is native to China and is actually a berry from the trees in the genus, Diospyros. The persimmon in Latin means “food of the gods”, they are so sweet and delicious that they are referred to as “Divine Fruit”. Persimmons are mainly cultivated in sub-tropical and warm temperate regions but they can tolerate some cold weather depending on the rootstock. 

How to Grow Plums from Seeds

Learn how to grow plums from seeds and how to crack open and germinate plum seeds purchased from a grocery store. The steps for growing plum tree from a seed shown here gives 100 % success rate, as I have done in Australia.

It takes a few weeks to grow a plum tree from seed, if the seed has undergone proper stratification procedure. It will take 3 to 4 months  to grow a plum tree from seed, but the plum tree grown from seed will take four to six years to bear fruit after planting.

How to Grow And Care For Azaleas | Growing Azaleas in Pots

Learn how to grow azaleas in pots, indoors or outdoor in garden bed. You will know proper soil for azaleas, how to water azaleas, pruning azalea plants to ensure the plants perform at their best every year and also grow to get more blooms on your azaleas. The azalea plants are easy to care for, continue reading below to grow azaleas easily and get beautiful flowers, even on indoor potted azaleas.

How to Fertilize Magnolias: Fertilizer for Little Gem Magnolia Trees

Find details on how to fertilize a magnolia tree and the best fertiliser for magnolias including Little Gem magnolia tree. The fertilizers for magnolias given here is good for different types of magnolias including magnolia Grandiflora, ever green little gem magnolia, Southern magnolia, Japanese, Port wine and deciduous magnolias.

How to Fertilize a Mango Tree : When and How To fertilize Mango Trees

Learn how to fertilize a mango tree, when to fertilize, what is the best fertilzer for mango tree, and what is the mango tree fertilizer schedule. The mango tree nutritional need requires fertilizers with a combination of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K),  along with manganese, zinc, and iron and trace elements. 

Houseplants That Can be Propagated In Water: Indoor Plants Propagation In Water

What plants can you propagate in water? Learn how to propagate houseplants in water without soil and a list of best and easy indoor plants to propagate in water.

You can propagate plant cuttings from your plant in water and make more plants. You can propagate many plants including houseplants or indoor plants in water and make new plants, which are exactly similar to the parent plants for free. Rooting plant cuttings in water is the simplest way to propagate and clone plants including indoor plants.

How To Grow Moringa Tree In Containers

Details on how to grow moringa tree (Moringa oleifera) in containers at home, indoors or outdoor including how to grow and save it in winter. You can keep your moringa tree, also known as horseradish tree or drumstick tree dwarf or small in a pot and bushy by proper pruning at correct time. Prune moringa tree to keep it small and bushy in the pot. Growing moringa plant at home in containers is quite easy.

How To Grow Dwarf Moringa Tree: Moringa Tree Pruning To Keep It Small

Learn how keep moringa tree small and to grow dwarf moringa tree and how to prune moringa tree correctly to keep it small, dense and bushy. The moringa tree can grow to 15 to  40 feet height. It becomes very difficult to harvest leaves and fruits from a tree 40 feet high. So it is very important to keep moringa tree to a small height by proper pruning to ensure it grows not too high and produces more leaves and fruits.

Guide To Growing Watermelons | How To Growing Sugar Baby Watermelon

Learn how to grow watermelons, specially Sugar Baby watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) from seeds in containers or in raised bed in garden at home.

Sugar Baby watermelons, one of the sweetest watermelon cultivars have a brix (sweetness) measurement of 10.2.  The Sugar Baby melons are heirloom variety with small 18-20 cm (7 to 8 inch) size and weigh about 4-5 kg (8 to 10 pounds) having small dark brown seeds or tan-black seeds.