How to Grow Bhringraj Plant From Seeds at Home: The Plant That Grows Hair

Learn to grow Bhringraj (Eclipta prostrata) from seeds at home and how to use it for for hair loss, hair growth, baldness and greying of hair. Bhringraj is a medicinal herb that is known for its numerous health benefits. Bhringraj known as False Daisy or Bhringoraj, Bhringraj has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for hair loss, baldness and greying of hair. 

How to Grow Cherry Tree from Cuttings: Propagating Cherry Blossom Tree Cuttings

Read below the step-by-step guide to grow and propagate cherry tree from cuttings including cherry blossom tree cuttings, weeping cherry tree cuttings and other cherry cuttings. Growing cherries from cuttings is an easy way to propagate them and grow new plants to produce delicious, homegrown cherries, year after year.

How to Grow Custard Apple from Seed : Custard Apple Seed Germination

This article shows how to grow custard apple from seeds at home. You will also know how to germinate custard apple seeds in a paper towel. Custard apple is known by many names including Sugar apple, Cherimoya, Sweetsop, and Sweetsop-Anon. Given below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to grow custard apple plant from seeds.

How to Increase Female Flowers in Pomegranate Tree

This article explores the ways to increase female flowers in pomegranate tree. The pomegranate trees produce both male and or hermaphrodite or perfect flowers having both male and female organs, but more than 75% of them are males on many varieties. How to increase flowering in pomegranate, specially female flowers?

How to Germinate Seeds in Paper Towel

I will discuss how to germinate seeds quickly with a paper towel. Germinating seeds of vegetables, flowers and herbs in paper towel is an easy and faster way because it provides an ideal environment for seeds to sprout before transplanting them into soil. You will know when to transplant the seedling from paper towel to soil.

How To Grow Peppercorns from Seeds : Growing Black Peppers at Home

This article gives details on how to grow peppercorns from seeds at home. Growing peppercorns or black peppers (Kali Mirch) from seeds at home might look difficult, but with the right conditions and a bit of patience, you can grow and harvest peppercorns at home with the right conditions. You may be harvesting peppercorns in about 4 years after sowing the seeds.

How To Germinate Avocado Seeds In A Paper Towel

In this article, I will give you details on how to germinate an avocado seed quickly in a paper towel and then grow avocado tree without toothpicks. While the process of germinating avocado seeds traditionally takes several weeks, using a paper towel would speed up the sprouting process, thus you can get germination and seedling sooner.

How To Grow Ashwagandha Plant at Home: Growing Ashwagandha From Seeds and Cuttings

Know how to grow and care for ashwagandha plant from seeds and cuttings at home in pots. The article gives a detailed guide on growing ashwagandha plant from seeds and cuttings.

 Ashwagandha, English name - Withania somnifera), is a powerful herb of Ayurveda. It is commonly referred to as "Indian ginseng" or "Indian winter cherry" and has been used for centuries to promote vitality and immunity.

Growing Dusty Miller From Seeds and Cuttings: Dusty Miller Propagation

In this article, I will show you how to grow Dusty Miller from seeds, cuttings and root division to multiply these beautiful plants in your garden. Propagating Dusty Miller silver dust is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of your garden and provide you with years of enjoyment. With a little patience, by growing dusty miller from seed or cuttings, you can share this elegant plant with friends and family.

How To Grow Gardenia From Cuttings: Gardenia Propagation

The article shows how to grow a gardenia plant from cuttings at home in a simple way. You will learn when to take gardenia cuttings and how to root them with and without a rooting hormone. Follow the step-by-step instructions to successfully propagate gardenias from cuttings and enjoy the satisfaction of making new gardenia plants, as I have made in Australia.

How To Grow a Mango Tree in a Pot

In this article, I will guide you through the process of successfully growing a mango tree in a pot, from selecting the right variety of mango to caring for your potted mango plant. People often wonder, can a grow tree be grown in pots. The answer is yes, you can grow mango trees in large pots, as I am growing in Australia, provided you select the right container and the right mango variety.

How to Plant a Mango Tree In Ground: Transplant a Mango Tree To Ground

I will show you how to plant a mango tree in ground in your backyard or garden. When you take home a mango tree from garden shop, the most important thing is to plant it in ground correctly at the correct time. Planting a mango tree in the ground requires careful consideration and proper method.

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