How To Make and Apply Potassium Nitrate Foliar Spray on Mango Trees

 Learn how make potassium nitrate spray and how to apply potassium nitrate on mango trees.  Most mango trees produce flowers in alternate years, but some varieties bear fruits every year.  Sometimes the mango tree fail to produce any fruits for several years in spite of taking all the care because their fruiting cycle is disturbed (No fruits on mango tree, induce flowers on mango tree).

How to Grow Garlic From Garlic Cloves Bulb Indoors and Outdoors, and When To Harvest Garlic

Garlic is one of the easiest plants that you can grow in a container or garden. You can grow garlic outdoors and indoors quite easily. Garlic is the most widely consumed allium after the onion in the world. China produces about 65% of the world’s annual garlic production, while India and Korea grow 5% and United States 3 % of the annual garlic production.

Horticultural Oil Sprays for Pest Control | Homemade Pest Oil Spray

Oil sprays, known as horticultural oil or pest oil or white oil, are used to manage pest like scales, aphids,  caterpillars, leaf miners, leafhoppers, mites on fruit, vegetable plants, flower plants and ornamental plants. The oils also can control some plant diseases, such as powdery mildew. The horticultural oils are also known as eco oils, dormant oils, superior oils, or 70-second oils.

Croton Leaves Falling Off, Leaves Drooping, Leaves Curling, Leaves Turning Yellow or Brown

Know the causes of and how to fix croton plant bottom leaves curling or falling off, croton leaves turning yellow and falling off, croton leaves curling and croton leaves drooping after repotting or after transplanting. The croton plant problems can be looked after if you take proper care of your croton plant.

Plant Propagation From Leaf Cuttings | Can You Grow Croton From Leaf

Propagating plants from leaves is an interesting project, can you grow croton from leaf. Some plants can be propagated from leaf cuttings, while most plants are grown from stem cuttings and seeds. Leaf cuttings are used almost mainly for propagating some indoor plants. There are several types of leaf cuttings to grow new plants. The types of leaf cuttings may be 

How To Grow Macadamia Tree from Cuttings

Can you grow macadamias from cuttings? Yes, learn how to grow macadamia nut tree from cuttings easily at home.

Macadamia nut tree has originated from Australia, and also grows in Hawaii and Southern California. Macadamia Tree is a subtropical tree, so it does not tolerate frost and freezing temperatures. Only two varieties of macadamias, Macadamia integrifolia and Macadamia tetraphylla produce edible fruits.

How to Grow and Care for a Pistachio Tree

The pistachio tree (Pistacia vera) is a member of the Anacardiaceae family.  It is a bushy deciduous tree native to western Asia and Asia Minor, but now grows well in dry climates of Mediterranean Europe and in arid and semi-arid inland areas of Australia (pistachio tree growing zone Australia).  The pistachio trees are both ornamental as well as productive. The tree grows to a height of 10 m (30 feet). The pistachio tree has oval-shaped leaves. if you have a bonsai pistachio tree, then you have to repot it every two or three years. 

Grow Pistachios From Seeds | Pistachio Seed Germination

Read below how to grow pistachio tree from seeds and pistachio seed germination at home. It is possible to grow pistachio plant from seeds or nuts from grocery store.  For this, the first step is to germinate pistachio seeds indoors. I have successfully germinated pistachio seeds in Sydney, Australia and grown pistachio plant.

How To Make Short Papaya Tree | Fold Papaya Tree To Make It Short

It becomes difficult to pick the fruits from tall papaya trees and also it becomes more difficult to manage pests. A dwarf papaya tree or short high papaya tree will not have these problems. Learn how to make papaya tree short by pruning or bending. My papaya tree grew to a height of 18 feet having many fruits, and it became difficult to pick the fruits.

How To Clean and Shine Houseplant Leaves Like Rubber Plant

 Learn how to clean, polish and shine the leaves of houseplants like those of rubber plant, ZZ plant, Monstera deliciosa and Snake plant using a homemade leaf shine spray for indoor plants.

Plants breathe through little pores in their leaves. If the leaf pores get clogged, the plant will suffocate or not receive enough light, which will affect photosynthesis.