How To Grow Persimmon From Seed | Persimmon Seed Germination

The detailed guide on how to grow persimmon tree from seeds and easy persimmon seed germination is given below. The persimmon tree grown from seed takes only 3 to 5 years to bear fruit. The persimmon is native to China and is actually a berry from the trees in the genus, Diospyros. The persimmon in Latin means “food of the gods”, they are so sweet and delicious that they are referred to as “Divine Fruit”.
Persimmons are mainly cultivated in sub-tropical and warm temperate regions but they can tolerate some cold weather depending on the rootstock.

The two most common varieties of persimmons are Fuyu (Fuji) persimmons and Hachiya persimmons, which can thrive in Zone 7 and warmer.
Persimmon, Fuyu Tree with fruits
Fuyu Persimmon Tree with fruits

The persimmon fruit is an excellent source of fibre, Vitamin A, C and B6, potassium and manganese. The persimmons have tannins, a natural anti-oxidant in them so they are astringent, that gives a strange feeling when you eat unripe persimmons. The Fuyu variety has no tannins, so Fuyu persimmons are not astringent and tastes very good even when they are quite firm.

Growing Persimmons From Seed

Persimmons grow reliably well from seeds but may not reproduce true to type from seed, like other deciduous tree fruits. The persimmon tree grown from a seed may produce tasteless fruits or fruits of better taste than the parent tree, whereas a persimmon tree grown from a stem cutting produces exactly the same quality of fruit as from the parent tree (how to grow persimmons from cuttings). You can also grow a persimmon tree in a container.

Following are the steps for growing persimmons from seeds. You can follow to grow persimmon of different types including Fuyu persimmon (Japanese persimmon Fuji persimmon), American persimmon, Asian persimmon, Hachiya persimmon, etc.
Fully Ripe Persimmon
Fully Ripe Persimmon
  1. Start growing persimmons from seed in late winter or early autumn.
  2. How to get persimmon seeds
    1. Buy fully ripe persimmons from the store and remove their pits. You have to buy many persimmons to gather a few seeds as many persimmon fruits may not contain any pits.
    2. Why No Seeds in persimmons? Asian persimmons produce fruits without the ovules fertilization (Parthenocarpic fruit), so they produce seedless fruits, unlike American persimmons,
    1. Wash the persimmon pits in water to completely remove any pulp.
    2. Carefully crack open the persimmon seed without breaking the seed.

    Grow persimmon from seed - Washed Persimmon Seeds
    Washed Persimmon Seeds

    Persimmon Seed Germination

    Persimmon Seed Stratification

    1. The persimmon seeds need correct stratification procedure to simulate conditions suitable for seeds germination or sprouting. The seeds require a chill time of about 3 months at temperatures before they will germinate. For this stratification process, wrap the seeds in a damp paper towel, seal it in a Zip lock bag and keep in refrigerator for 3 months. Sow the stratified seeds in soil about 1 inch deep.
    2. If the persimmon fruits in store have come from cold storage, then stratification may not be needed, so you can try to germinate the seeds in a paper towel as mentioned below.
  3. Soak the seeds in water for 72 hours to soften the outer hard covering.  Throw away any floating seed as these are not viable for germination.

Persimmon Seeds Soaking in Water
Soak Persimmon Seeds in Water for 72 hours

  1. Take a kitchen paper towel and place the soaked seeds on it. Fold the paper to enclose the seeds and spray some water. Enclose the folded paper in a Zip lock bag or wrap in a polythene sheet. This creates high humidity needed for seed germination.

Step for growing persimmon tree from seed
Wrap the seeds in a moist paper and enclose in a box

  1. Place the bag in a dark warm place. Open the bag and check the seeds every 2 weeks to see if the persimmon seed germination has started. Change the paper if mould develops, also throw away any seed that has developed fungus.
  2. The seeds will take 1 to 3 months to sprout. It is important to note that only fresh seeds will germinate.

    Germinated Persimmon Seed
    Germinated Persimmon Seed

    1. Planting Germinated Persimmon Seeds in Soil. Next step is to plant the sprouted seed in soil.
      1. Take a tall pot having several holes for excess water drainage. The container needs to be tall because persimmon trees, except Fuyu persimmons quickly develop their long taproot.
      2. Fill the pot with seed raising soil mix or make your own by mixing some river sand or perlite in potting mix. Sand will make the soil free-draining otherwise standing water in the pot will rot the seed.
      3. Plant the germinated persimmon seed one inch deep in soil in a tall container. 
      4. Place the pot in shade at a warm place. Keep moist.
    2. The persimmon seedling will grow in a few days.

    Persimmon tree grown from seed
    Persimmon grown from seed

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