Iron Rich Foods : Grow Your Own Foods High In Iron

A list of iron rich vegetables, fruits, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs is given. Incorporate iron rich foods in your daily diet. Choose foods high in iron from the chart of iron-rich foods for vegetarians like vegetables, fruits, legumes, lentils, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs. Iron is an important nutrient for a healthy body.  Iron helps to carry oxygen to our brain. If you lack iron, you may be more likely to develop fatigue or anaemia or neurological problems. 

List of High Iron Foods, Iron Rich Food Chart
Iron Rich Foods Chart
Most of the iron-rich fruits and vegetables foods for vegetarians can be grown in your garden. 

The daily iron requirement depends on age and gender. If you are a woman, your recommended daily amount of iron is 8 mg. A woman needs 18 mg of iron daily, whereas a pregnant woman may need up to 27 mg. You should aim to take the required amount of iron in your diet.

  1. Keep in mind that iron is not easily absorbed by the body even if you eat high iron foods. The amount of iron absorbed from vegetarian food is up to 10%, while it is 10 - 20% from animal food. Foods that are rich in vitamin C help to increase iron absorption. Also iron from raw foods is absorbed better.
  2. Vegetarians need to be especially careful, because plant-based sources of iron are not as easily absorbed as iron from animal-based foods.
  3. Vegetables such as capsicum, potato, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, tomato, etc. enhance the iron absorption
  4. Fruits such as cantaloupe, grapefruit, strawberries, orange, etc. help iron absorption.
  5. There are specific iron-rich foods for anaemia (anemia), the anemic people can take high iron diet if your doctor recommends it.

List of Top Iron Rich Food Sources

Following are the best iron containing vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and spices.
  1. Pulses & Beans: Chickpeas, black-eye beans, lentils, soybean.
  2. Vegetables: Vegetables high in iron are Beetroot greens, mint, parsley, turnip greens, broccoli, bok choy, collard greens and Brussels sprouts, Sea vegetables are high iron foods.
  3. Sea vegetables
  4. Fruits: Apricot, tomatoes, Dried dates, watermelon, raisins
  5. Herbs and Spices: Almost all herbs and spices are high in iron.
Iron Rich Vegetables
(1/2 cup cooked)
Sea vegetables 18- 42 mg
(Growing spinach)
3.2 mg
Swiss chard 2.0 mg
Potato, baked with skin 1.7 mg
Pumpkin 1.7 mg
Sweet potatoes, canned 1.7 mg
Turnip greens 1.6 mg
Beet greens 1.4 mg
Potato, 1 large
(Growing potatoes)
1.4 mg
Peas 1.2 mg
Brussels Sprouts 0.9 mg
Bok choy 0.7 mg
Tomato juice (growing tomatoes)0.6 mg
Green beans 0.6 mg
Broccoli 0.55 mg
Growing Kale 0.55 mg
Watermelon, 1/8 medium 0.50 mg
Iron Rich Fruits (100 g) Iron
Tomatoes, sun dried
(Growing tomatoes)
9 mg
Apricots, dried 6 mg
Raisins 3 mg
Mulberries 2.6 mg
Pears, dried 2.1 mg
Figs, dried 2.0 mg
Apples, dried 2.0 mg
Prune juice, 4 oz 1.5 mg
Iron in Legumes
(1/2 cup cooked)
Chickpeas (200 g) 6.2 mg
Soybeans 4.4 mg
Lentils 3.2 mg
Black eye beans 2.6 mg
Navy beans 2.5 mg
Lima beans 2.2 mg
Pinto beans 2.2 mg
Kidney beans Rajmah 1.5 mg
Herbs High In iron
(10 g)
Thyme, dried12.3 mg
Parsley, dried9.7 mg
Spearmint, dried8.7 mg
Marjoram, dried8.2 mg
Cumin seed6.6 mg
Oregano, dried4.4 mg
Bay leaf4.3 mg
Coriander leaves, dried (Growing coriander)4.2 mg
Basil, dried4.2 mg
Turmeric powder (growing turmeric)4.1 mg
Cinnamon, ground3.8 mg
Anise seed3.6 mg
Fenugreek seed
(Growing fenugreek)
3.3 mg
Curry powder2.9 mg
Rosemary, dried2.9 mg
Black pepper2.8 mg
Paprika2.3 mg

Iron in Nuts & Seeds
(2 tablespoon)
Pumpkin seeds2.5 mg
Figs, dried, 5 mg2.0 mg
Apricot, dried 51.6 mg
Almond (Grow almond from seeds Video), 1/4 cup1.3 mg
Tahini1.2 mg
Sesame1.2 mg
Sunflower seeds1.2 mg
Cashew nuts1.0 mg

Herbs and Spices High In Iron

All the spices and herbs are high in iron content, so the herbs are good for increasing iron, but you must know that you cannot consume too much of these in your diet, not more than 10-20 g. You may drink iron rich herbal tea made of these herbs.

From the list of iron in spices and herbs, all the dried herbs are high in iron, you will notice that dried thyme herb is one of the most iron-rich herbs.

Many vegetables, fruits, legumes and lentils are iron rich. Chickpeas and soybeans are also good sources of iron.
One cup of sunflower seeds gives about half the body's daily iron needs along with plenty of vitamin E.

Grow Your Iron Rich Foods

You can grow your own iron rich foods in your garden. Some of the high iron foods like spinach (growing spinach), potatoes (growing potatoes), peas (growing peas), pumpkins, Broccoli, tomatoes (growing tomatoes), mint (growing mint), turmeric (growing turmeric) etc can even be grown in pots and can be placed in your balconies or terrace.