How To Grow Fruits at Home : Best Fruits to Grow In Pots

Know what are the best and easy fruits to grow in pots. Growing fruit and nut trees in your home garden ensures you nutrient rich, fresh, organic juicy fruits in the season.

You can grow a variety of fruits like tomatoes, avocados, lemons, limes, bananas, papayas, pineapples, guavas, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, etc. at home. If you have enough space in your garden, then why not plant grapefruit, lychees, mangoes, mulberries, etc.

This page is your guide to all the fruit growing information on the site. Tips for growing fruit trees in pots (how to grow fruit trees in pots) and garden beds starting from seeds, seedlings and cuttings are explained in individual fruit articles.
banana tree

Mango tree
Mango tree
Most fruit trees need lot of garden space because they send their roots to a larger space. Such trees, are for example, mango, lychee, mulberry, guava, etc. But there are some trees that need small space like blueberry, strawberry, lime, lemon, banana, etc. Many fruits can be grown in pots.

In modern days, dwarf varieties of fruit trees have been developed, so they can be grown in pots with a good produce of fruits. The dwarf fruit trees are suitable for smaller backyards and also to limit the height of the trees in order to make it easier when picking, pruning, netting etc.

Yet another varieties of fruit trees are grafted trees which can produce more than one variety on the same tree, such as lemon, lime, mandarin and orang on the same tree.

The fruit trees generally grow very tall with large canopies like mango and lychee, while lemon, lime, banana, blueberry, strawberry are slmal trees or shrubs which can be grown in large containers.


Most fruit trees grow in sun, about 6-8 hours of sun light daily; the sun gives the needed energy to build fruits.


Most fruit plants need a high free-draining rich soil to produce fruits. Adding compost (composting at home) is good to the plants. Some fruits grow in soil having neutral soil, while some need low pH and others love high pH soil. However, most fruit trees can survive in a variety of soils.

You can adjust the soil pH by adding lime to increase alkalinity or sulphur to raise the acidity. How to get rid of ants on fruit trees

List of Best Fruit Trees For Your Garden

(Best Fruit Trees to grow in Pots).
  1. Apple Grow apple tree from seeds Grow apple tree from seed video)
  2. Apricots (grow apricots from seeds)
  3. Avocado (Growing avocado from seed)
  4. Banana (growing bananas at home, keep bananas fresh longer)
  5. Blueberries (growing blueberries in pots)
  6. Cherry 
  7. Chestnuts (How to peel chestnuts video
  8. Citrus (citrus curl leaves)
  9. Custard Apple (growing custard apple from seed, how to care for custard apple tree in containers YouTube Video)
  10. Fig tree (Grow fig from cuttings, Grow fig tree from cutting video)
  11. Grapes (Grow grapes from seeds video)
  12. Guavas (growing guava from seeds)
  13. Grapefruit
  14. Jackfruit
  15. Lemon
  16. Lime (bronze orange bugs on citrus trees)
  17. Longan (longan tree)
  18. Lychees (Grow lychee from seed, Growing lychee tree from seed video)
  19. Macadamia (how to grow macadamia tree from cuttings)
  20. Mandarin
  21. Mango (mango tree information, growing mango tree from seed, how to ripen a mango, How to prune a mango tree, Polyembryonic Mango seeds that grow fruits quickly)
  22. Mulberries (Growing mulberries in container video)
  23. Nectarine (Growing nectarine from seed in container video)
  24. Orange (Grow orange tree from seed, how to grow orange tree from seed video)
  25. Papaya (growing papayas, how to make papaya tree small video)
  26. Peach (Growing stone fruit from seeds video)
  27. Passion Fruit (How to Grow passionfruit)
  28. Persimmon (Growing persimmons from seedspropagate persimmon from seeds Youtube video, propagating persimmon from cuttings Youtube video)
  29. Pineapple
  30. Plum (Grow plums from seedsGrow plum tree from seed video)
  31. Pomegranate (growing pomegranate from cuttings, Pomegranate growing tips)
  32. Strawberries strawberry propagation from seeds and runners)
  33. Tomatoes (growing tomatoes)
  34. Quince
  35. Watermelons (growing sugar baby watermelon)

Nuts To Grow At Home

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