How to Propagate Trumpet Vine From Cuttings

Learn how to grow Orange Trumpet Vine (Ticoma vine). A simple guide for how to propagate orange trumpet vine or flame vine from cuttings. You can even grow an orange trumpet vine in containers.

I have been admiring beautiful exotic dense flowers of trumpet vine or creeper growing wildly on fences, walls, carport or buildings since last 2 decades. Every time I saw it, I wanted to have it in my garden. I tried several times to start it from cuttings, but did not succeed.

Picture of Orange trumpet vine in neighborhood
Orange trumpet vine But now after mastering the art of plant propagation, I have succeeded in starting orange vine by cuttings. I am growing trumpet vine in a container.

The trumpet vine is suitable for warm climates. You can propagate trumpet vine cuttings,  semi-hardwood cuttings during summer.

The propagation of trumpet vine is similar to propagating blueberries, propagating bougainvillea, hydrangea propagation, growing jasmine from cuttings and growing rubber tree plant from cuttings.

I was just walking on a road near my house, I saw the orange vine on the fence of a house, I took the cutting of a stem that was firm and woody, but still flexible enough to bend - it looked like semi-hardwood.

Propagation Steps of Orange Trumpet Vine

Based on my experiences (Container gardening), below are the instructions to grow and propagate orange trumpet vine by stem cutting. You will find that growing orange trumpet vine is very easy even in pots.

Important: Start propagating the orange vine in early morning or evening. You can put 3-4 cuttings in a pot to root them.

Take a small pot, 3-4 inch and fill it with a well-drained, loose potting mixture such as a mixture of fine potting mix and washed coarse river sand. Water well and leave the pot for some time to drain excess water.
Planted Trumpet Cutting enclosed in a bag to preserve moisture.
Planted Trumpet Cutting

How to propagate orange trumpet vine
Rooted Trumpet vine
  1. Cut the stem just below a node with a sharp knife and remove the foliage from the bottom one-third of the vine stem.
  2. Scrap the bottom of the stem a bit and dip it in rooting hormone powder. Shake the stem to remove excess powder. You can use natural rooting hormone.
  3. Using a stick make a hole at the centre of the pot and carefully insert the trumpet vine stem into the soil so that at least 2 nodes are in the soil and the foliage of the cutting is above the soil. Cover the hole with soil.
  4. Put the pot with a clear polythene bag and close with a tie at the top and place it in shade but bright and wind protected place.
  5. Each week open the bag and watch for any growth. You may damp the soil a little bit after 2 weeks.
  6. Within 4-5 weeks, new growth will emerge. Take out the pot and let it remain in indirect sunlight for another 2-3 weeks or until 2 sets of leaves appear. Do not over-water the pot, but keep the soil moist. You may see roots coming out of the holes at the bottom of the pot.
  7. Carefully transplant the new plant into another pot or ground. Put the pot in a sunny location.
The orange trumpet vine can also be started by seed, layering method and division of its roots.

Video of how to propagate trumpet vine from cuttings

Video on how to grow orange trumpet vine from cuttings YouTube Video