How To Grow Grapes From Seeds, Grape Seed Germination

Read below how to grow grapes from seeds at home and how to germinate grape seeds. Grapes are very healthy and they taste very good. Grapevines look beautiful in the garden and you can have pounds of grapes from your grapevine every year. Grapes are normally propagated from cuttings or grafting, but you can grow grapes from seeds, even you can grow grapes from grapes you buy from grocery store.

Your grapevine from the seed can take up to three years to produce grapes, depending on the growing conditions. Please note that the grapes your grapevine produce may be different in taste, better or worse from the grapes from which you got for seeds.

Grapes on a Grapevine
Grapes on a Grapevine

Growing Grape from Seeds

People often ask, can you grow grapes from seeds, specifically from store bought grapes? Following are the steps for growing grapes from seeds from any variety of edible grape seeds like concord grapes, vine grapes, table grapes, etc.

Selection of Grape Seeds
Black Grapes
Black Grapes I Used For Seeds

  1. You can get grape seeds for planting from your local nursery or just buy grapes containing seeds from your grocery store. You have to consider whether the grape variety is suitable to grow in the climate of your region. 
  2. Separate the seeds from grapes and wash them thoroughly. 
  3. Save grape seeds for planting: You can preserve / store the grape seeds in a fridge, this way you can save the seeds for 3 to 4 months. For germinating the saved seeds, first place them at a warm temperature of about 30 to 32°C (85 to 90°F) for 2 days before sowing or germinating them.
  4. Soak the seeds in water overnight. Discard any floating seeds after 12 hours as they are not viable.

Grape Seeds From Grocery Store Bought Grapes
Grape Seeds From Grapes

Grape Seed Germination

How to germinate grape seeds fast? Grape seed germination needs correct stratification procedure to simulate conditions suitable for germination to occur.

Follow the stratification steps to germinate grape seeds easily and then plant the germinated grape seeds to grow a grapevine from any variety of edible grape seeds like concord grapes, table grapes, vine grapes etc.

Grape Seed Stratification

  1. The stratification is a process of exposing the seeds to a temperature of about 5°C (40°F) for approximately three months.
  2. Start stratification in mid winter so that your seeds are ready to be planted in soil in spring.
  3. Wrap the grape seeds in a damp tissue paper or kitchen towel, then enclose in a plastic bag or a Ziploc bag and place in the refrigerator.

Grape Seeds Germination in Paper Towel without Stratification

If the grapes you buy have come from cold storage, then this stratification process may not be needed. I germinated grape seeds without stratification in Sydney, Australia. I bought black grapes with seeds from local grocery store and used the seed to grow a grapevine.

  1. In early late winter or  spring, take a plastic box and place a kitchen towel or tissue paper in it.
  2. Spread the soaked seeds on the paper and cover them with another kitchen towel. Spray some water and close the box.
  3. Place the box at a dark and warm place. If temperature outside is less than 20°C (68°F), then place the box indoors even in an ac room.
  4. The question is how long does it take for grape seed to germinate?  The grape seed germination will take from 1 to weeks to sprout depending on the age of the seeds.
  5. Check the grape seeds every 7 days to see if the germination has started. Throw away any seeds that have grown fungus or mold on them.
Germinated Grape Seeds
Grape Seeds Germinated By Kitchen Towel Method

The above picture shows the germinated seeds by kitchen towel method. It is mentioned that, you can directly plant the seeds in soil without germination in a kitchen towel or tissue paper. But germinating them before planting will speed up the process.

Planting the Germinated Grape Seed in Soil

  1. The germinated grape seeds are now ready to plant in soil. Take a small pot having drainage holes at its bottom. Fill it with nutrition rich and well-draining soil.  If soil is not free-draining, then the seed will rot due to standing water in the pot.
  2. Plant the germinated seeds about half a inch deep in the soil.
  3. The seeds need minimum temperatures of 20ºC (68ºF) during day around 15ºC (60ºF) during night. Place the pot indoors or on a warming mat to maintain the correct temperature.
  4. Keep the soil moist but not too wet.
Grape Vine Grown From Seed
Grape Vine Grown From Seed

How long it takes to grow grapes from seed?

The natural question is when the grapevine grown from seed will produce grapes. Well, it can take from 2 to 5 years to produce grapes. The quality may be different from the parent grapevine.

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