Croton Leaves Falling Off, Croton Leaves Drooping, Leaves Curling, Leaves Turning Yellow or Brown

Know the causes of and how to fix croton plant bottom leaves curling or falling off, croton leaves turning yellow and falling off, croton leaves curling and croton leaves drooping after repotting or after transplanting. The croton plant problems can be looked after if you take proper care of your croton plant.

Croton leaves
Croton leaves, See the beautiful colors

Croton Plant Problems and Solutions

The croton plant may have the following leaf problems:
Croton leaves drooping
Croton leaves curling
Croton plant leaves drying and falling off
Croton plant leaves falling off in winter
Croton plant losing its leaves
Croton leaves turning yellow or brown
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Causes of Croton Leaf Problems

These croton leaf problems may be due some stress the plant is experiencing like improper water, light, temperature, fertilizer, change in environment and shock to the plant. if you take care of all these factors, then you can bring your croton back to life.

Will Croton leaves grow back?

The leaves of croton may grow back, however, it will depend on the reasons that affected the plant to drop the leaves. You may revive an almost dying croton plant if the reason is over-watering or water drought.

Croton Leaf Problems

Croton Leaves Dropping

Croton leaves drooping
Croton leaves drooping

Crotons can droop their leaves if the plants are stressed. Stress can be changed in the plant's location or if you have transplanted your croton, shock will cause leaf loss. If this happens, wait for some time, the plant will revive itself. If the tissue underneath the main stem is green, your plant is alive.

The croton leaves can also droop due to over-watering or under-watering. Over-watering can cause the leaves to wilt, only water when the top 1 inch of the soil becomes dry. A pot with several drainage holes and free-draining soil will prevent over-watering.

Due to under-watering, the bottom leaves of the plant dry out and fall off. 

When you bring your croton plant from the shop's greenhouse to your home, the plant needs some time to adjust to environmental changes and may lose leaves. In a few weeks, the plant will begin to produce new growth.

Brown Leaves: General dryness and browning of leaves can be treated by giving more water or misting the plant.

Croton Leaves Curling

This may happen due to improper watering and lack of humidity. Check water in the soil. Spray water on leaves if humidity is low. If your croton is indoors, then you may use a humidifier. 

Only Green Leaves

If your croton plant has predominantly green leaves and less or no yellow, red, or orange leaves; it means that there is insufficient light, move the plant in bright location but out of direct sun light.

Grey Faded Leaves

Too much direct sun on the croton plant causes bleaching, making the faded color in leaves looking dull. Direct sun can develop grey patches on leaves. Move the plant to a place that gets less direct sun.

Leaves Lose Color and Stretch

The inadequate light creates lack of chlorophyll, making the leaves dull. The plant stretches in search of light, move the plant in bright area.

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