Pomegranate Male and Female Flowers and Fruit: How to Pollinate Pomegranate Flowers

Read below the details on pomegranate flowers, how to identify the male and female flowers of pomegranate tree, how to pollinate pomegranate flowers, and what to do if the flowers fall. The pomegranate flowers are self-pollinating - means, the tree has both male and flowers. So only one tree is needed to set fruit.

How To Identify Pomegranate Male and Female Flowers

Pomegranate tree has two flowers on the same tree, male flower and female flower. Both the pomegranate flowers look similar but there is slight different. Know the difference between the male and female flowers.
Pomegranate Male and Female Flowers
Pomegranate Male and
Female Flowers

How to hand pollinate pomegranate flowers Video

The male flowers are small bell shaped, while the female flowers are vase shaped (See the picture of flowers). The male lower has 5 petals and looks slightly longer, while the female flower has 3 petals and looks slightly wider and shorter. The male flower drops without fruit setting. The male flowers have a higher concentration of pollen than female flowers.

How To Increase Flowers on Pomegranate Tree?

The pomegranate tree begins to flowers in spring, initially you may see only male flowers on the tree. Sometimes there may be no or very less female flowers. Then the question arises, how to get more female flowers on a pomegranate tree.

Hand Pollination of Pomegranate Flowers

Your pomegranate tree may be producing good number of flowers, but there may be very less fruit. If you have a tree which produces flowers but no fruits, the most common reasons are:
  1. Your tree is producing only one type of flowers, either only male flowers or female flowers. or
  2. Many times, the flowers are not pollinated, because there is very little wind or bees in your area needed for dispersal of pollen from male to female flowers. In that case you can do hand pollination of flowers as mentioned below.
  3. Inadequate sunlight may also cause the lack of fruit production.
  4. Protect your pomegranate tree from too cold temperatures to avoid dropping of flowers.

How To Hand Pollinate Pomegranate Flowers

You can pollinate the flowers by using an artist paint brush to transfer the pollen from the male stamen to the female ovary. Lightly rub the brush on the male stamen and then rube the brush on to the female flower. Repeat it for 2-3 days. You can pollinate more than one female flowers from a single male flower of the same tree or different tree.

Pomegranate Fruiting

  1. The pomegranate trees generally start bearing fruit from the second or third year.
  2. The pomegranate tree fruits during March to May in Southern Hemisphere and from September to February in Northern Hemisphere.
  3. Once the fruit is formed, it takes 6-7 months to mature.
  4. Fruit fly traps can be put near the tree.

Harvesting Pomegranates

  1. The fruit is ready to harvest in autumn to winter. Pick the biggest and the brightest fruits first.
  2. The ripe pomegranates can be stored in a dark, cool place or the fridge for a couple of months.
How to know when a pomegranate is ripe and ready to be picked?
Picture of Pomegranate Fruit
Pomegranate Fruit

  1. Note that the pomegranates do not ripen after you pick them unlike other fruits such as banana, mango and guava. The overripe pomegranates will split open on the tree. So pick the pomegranate fruit at the correct ripeness.
  2. The pomegranate is ripe and ready to eat if it has grown to its full size and the skin becomes firm and heavy. The color may be an indicator for its ripeness. The skin of the ripe fruit becomes red or deep red, however, the color varies from cultivars to cultivars.
  3. When you open a pomegranate, you will find bright red seeds with white or brownish pith on opening a good ripen pomegranate. But if the seeds appear brownish and soft, that means it is bad and not good for use.

Pomegranate Fruit Splitting

Pomegranate fruit Splitting
Pomegranate fruit

  1. Many times pomegranates split. What is the reason of this fruit splitting? This may be due to two reasons:
  2. Irregular and uneven watering as mentioned above.
  3. Fungal disease at the time of fruit ripening can split the fruits.

How To Use Pomegranate?

The pulp of ripe pomegranate is eaten along with its seeds, and also used as its juice, smoothie, in baking, cooking, garnishing and alcoholic beverages.

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