How To Grow Frangipani From Cutting

Learn how to grow frangipani tree from cutting including how deep to plant the cutting and when the cutting will flower.

Frangipani can be grown easily by stem cuttings. The frangipani tree is very easy to grow from cuttings, all frangipani varieties are easy to strike from cuttings including native frangipani cuttings.You should not plant a frangipani cutting straight into the ground, it will rot and not root. Following is a step by step procedure to grow a frangipani tree from cutting that will ensure 100% success. Frangipani tree care

Frangipani Flowers
Frangipani Flowers

Propagate Frangipani Tree From Cuttings

You may be having many questions regarding frangipani propagation including how to take and plant the cuttings, what should be the size of cuttings, how deep the cuttings should be planted, and when the rooted cutting will produce flowers. Get all the answers below:

Video of Growing Frangipani from cuttings

How to grow frangipani from cuttings video

When To Propagate Frangipani

You can start growing frangipani from cuttings in late winter to summer when the tree is actively growing.

Taking Frangipani Cuttings

Do not take cutting from a green wood frangipani stem as it is too soft and may rot. Take hardwood cuttings having seasoned old wood with clean and disinfected pruning shears.

The stem and leaves of the frangipani tree will ooze out milky white sap at the cuts, so you may wear gloves.

Size of the Cutting

The question is how big a frangipani cuttings should be? You can take large cuttings as compared to the cuttings you would take to propagate other plants. The frangipani cuttings 30 to 60 cm (1 to 2 feet) long will root easily. The shape of the cuttings is not important, the cutting of any shape will root in the same time. You can take a straight cuttings or fork cuttings having 2 or 3 side branches. The advantage of taking a fork cutting is that your plant will soon become denser because of 2 or 3 branches.
Frangipani Cuttings, 1 foot to 2 feet long
Frangipani Cuttings

Prepare the Cutting For Planting

Do not just plant the cutting straight into the ground, it will rot. Before planting the cutting, put the cutting in shade, away from direct sun light for 1 to 4 weeks depending on the temperature so that the sap and its lower part gets dry. Once the sap gets dry, it time to plant the cutting in the soil.

Soil For Rooting Frangipani Cutting

The best soil for frangipani cuttings is a free-draining soil. I use potting mix and coarse river sand mixed in equal amount. The river sand makes the soil porous, thereby free-draining. You could use perlite or river sand only as the rooting medium. Mix some cow manure in the soil mix to make it nutrition rich.

Planting the Frangipani Cutting

  1. You can plant in a pot or in ground. If planting in a pot, take a pot having many drainage holes. Fill the pot with soil mix. Water the soil thoroughly and keep the pot away for half an hour to drain excess water.
  2. Rooting Hormone: Apply some rooting hormone at the cut end to promote rooting, although it is not essential. You can use a chemical rooting hormone or aloe Vera gel which is a natural rooting hormone. If you do not apply any rooting hormone, even then the cutting will root, may take more time.
  3. How Deep To Plant the Cutting? Plant the frangipani cutting in soil about 2 to 4 inch deep in the soil.
  4. Do not water again and place the pot in shade at a warm place. Keep the soil damp. Too much water will rot the cuttings.
  5. You can use heating mat or place the pot in a greenhouse or indoors, or just leave in shade. All will root, heating mat will root quickest, then the greenhouse one and lastly the shade cuttings.
The frangipani cuttings will be rooted in a few weeks, depending on temperature.

Grow Frangipani in Water: Can a frangipani cutting be rooted in water? Yes, you can grow frangipani in water, just dip the cutting in water and leave in shade. The roots will begin to grow in a few weeks. Then plant the rooted frangipani cutting in soil.
Flowers on Propagated Frangipani Cutting after 2 years
Flowers on Propagated Frangipani Cutting

When the Frangipani Cutting Will flower?

The frangipani propagated from cutting will take up to 2 years to flower.

Growing frangipani cutting in water
Roots Grown on frangipani cutting in water and new plant grown

Rooting frangipani cuttings in a bag

Instead of the planting the frangipani cutting in a pot, bag rooting of frangipani cuttings can be tried.

Put the moist propagating media in a bag, then insert the cutting and wrap the bag around the cutting tightly. The watering is done through a syringe.

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