How to Grow Snake Plant In Water : Snake Plant Propagation In Water

Know how to grow snake plant in water in easy steps. Snake plant propagation in water is easy but can you grow snake plant in water only? If yes, then how long it can go without soil. Continue reading below to get detailed procedure of propagating Sansevieria or mother-in-law's tongue plant in water. You can propagate snake plant in water and then plant in soil or continue growing it in water without soil forever.

You can care for snake plant in water as given below. Snake plants growing in the water and colorful pebbles in vases or cups will look beautiful on center tables of living rooms, dining tables, or desks. Snake plant propagation in soil | care for snake plant in soil | Snake plant benefits in bedroom | how to care for snake plant

Snake Plant Growing in Water, Decoration Ideas
Snake Plant Growing in Water, Decoration Ideas

Propagating Snake Plant in Water

Propagating snake plant cuttings in water without soil is almost fool-proof, but sometimes the cutting may rot in the process, if you do not keep cleanliness. It takes only 8-10 weeks to propagate snake plant in water.

The step by step procedure for propagating a snake plant in water is given below:

Things You for Growing Snake Plants in Water

Disinfected and clean, sharp knife or scissors
Transparent Vase or glass jar
Some pebbles
Clean Water

It is important to disinfect the cutter in alcohol or in bleach solution before taking leaf cuttings, otherwise the cutting will rot.

Cut a leaf from a healthy snake plant with scissors and place it in shade for a few hours for the wound to heal before planting.

If you want to make more than one snake plants, then cut the leaf into 3-4 inch long cuttings, otherwise you may use the whole leaf for rooting.

Putting The Cutting In Water

Place the cutting straight up in the vase and fill it with clean water covering about the bottom 20% of the cutting. If your tap water is hard, then use bottled water or distilled water.

Putting cutting's correct side in water is very important. Put wider side of the cutting in water. The narrow side in water will never root.

How to grow snake plant in water, putting correct side in water is important
How to grow snake plant in water

  1. Rooting Hormone : Before putting the cuttings in the water, you can apply rooting hormone on the cutting end to speedup rooting. You can rub Aloe Vera Gel in place of a chemical rooting hormone. Aloe Vera is a natural rooting hormone which encourages root growth. This step is optional. If you do not apply rooting hormone gel, then the cuttings will still root but take longer. You can also mix some aloe Vera gel in the water.
  2. Place the vase at a bright and warm place away from direct sun light.
  3. Every third day, slowly move the cutting to add oxygen in water.
  4. Every week, clean the vase and change the water. The cutting may rot in dirty old water.
  5. The cutting will grow roots in 2 to 3 months, depending on the temperature and light level.

How to grow snake plant in water, rooted cutting
Rooted Snake Plant Cutting

You can plant the rooted snake plant cuttings in free-draining soil or leave them in water to grow.

How To Move Snake Plant from Soil to Water

Moving snake plant from soil to water is very easy and you can keep it in water for ever. The snake plant will survive in water only, provided you take proper care of it. You can convert your snake plant into a good decoration plant for home and office and also it will purify the air. 

Transferring snake plant from soil to water is very easy and you can keep it in water for ever. Following are the steps for moving your snake plant from soil to water:
  1. Carefully take out the plant from the pot. Remove the soil slowly without damaging the soil.
  2. Wash out the soil with a jet of water.
  3. Select a few healthy leaves of the plant and cut the rhizomes attached to them with a clean and disinfected cutter. You can plant the remaining part of the plant in soil in a container.
  4. Take a vase or any other container and put the snake plant rhizomes in it and put some pebbles around them to hold the plant straight up. Pour water in the vase such that the roots ate submerged in water.
Snake Plant Rhizomes for Transferring to Water
Snake Plant Rhizomes for Transferring to Water

Growing Snake Plant in Water Only Without Soil

Is it possible to grow a snake plant in only water and no soil? Can Sansevieria survive in water only and if yes, then for how long?

Yes! Snake plant can survive in water without soil. It is not essential to plant and grow snake plants in soil to grow. They will thrive entirely in water, provided you take care of your snake plants regularly as given below:

Moving Snake plant from soil to in water

Care For Snake Plant In Growing In Water

Light Requirement For the Snake Plant 

The light requirement for the snake plant growing in water or soil is the same. It grows well in bright light all day or morning sunlight for 2-3 hours every day. Do not keep it in a dark location for long. 


Keep the water-grown snake plant at a place in temperature between 10-35°C (50-95°F), the ideal temperature is around 22°C (70°F). 

Protect your snake plant from cold A/C drafts from A/C vents.

Water Quality Requirement For the Snake Plant Growing in Water Only

  1. The life of your snake plant depends on the quality of water in which it is growing and it will decide how long the plant will survive in water without soil.
  2. Use clean soft water at room temperature. If your tap water is hard, then boil the water and let it sit overnight or use bottled water or rain water.
  3. You can put one or two pieces of activated charcoal in the water that will keep the water clean.
  4. Stir the water every 2-3 days to add oxygen in the water.
  5. Wash the pot to remove fungi or bacteria and change the water every week or earlier.
  6. While changing water, remove the rotten roots.

Keeping a Snake Plant in an Aquarium

Can You Grow a Snake Plant in Aquarium?

Yes, you can put your snake plant in aquarium, but its growth will suffer. A snake plant can survive in an aquarium because there it can receive the oxygen it requires to grow. However, the growth is very slow.

It is a matter of fact that a plant in soil starts to shrivel due to overwatering, then the question arrises, how it can sustain a growth entirely submerged in an aquarium. This is due to the fact that in water-logged soil, the availability of air pockets in soil is reduced, so the plant does not get enough oxygen. But in an aquarium, the oxygen is available for the plant to survive.

While growing a snake plant in an aquarium entirly submerged in water is technically possible, growing it in soil is better option for the plant to reach its full potential.

You can put a snake plant in an aquarium for short term only, because it is difficult to maintain the plant in the aquarium.

You should not keep any fish or other marine life in the same aquarium, as the snake plant may be toxic to them.

Cut some healthy leaves from a snake plant, and keep them uptight in the aquarium between some pebbles. After few months months, you will see roots growing. The method works well to propagate sansevieria cylindrica in water also

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