Home Remedies From Your Garden and Kitchen

Natural home remedies are based on common things available in your kitchen and garden like vegetables, spices and fruits and herbs. When I was a child, my grandma used to give me something from her kitchen whenever I was having a sore throat, stomach pain or cold and cough. And surprisingly that always worked to relieve me from discomfort.
Turmeric is used in
many home remedies

As these home remedies are based on natural ingredients, they are harmless without any side effects. These are less expensive as compared to other form of medicines.

In India, these home cures are in use since ages for treating minor health problems.

You can try natural home remedies for the common symptoms including acne, bad breath, bleeding gums, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, bruises, burns, common cold, constipation, diarrhea, headache, heartburn, indigestion, kidney stones, headache, pimples, sore throat, sun burns, toothache, etc.

This section will suggest remedies for most common diseases to get quick relief.

You can try a household remedy for a few days, however, you must consult your doctor if you do not see any improvement. best fruits for seniors.

Natural Home Remedies

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