Garden Tricks and Tips Videos

I am growing vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and herbs in my garden for the last several decades. over the years I have developed many garden tricks. I have made some videos which gives simple methods on gardening.

Watch YouTube videos on various gardening topics such as how to grow, how to care, on vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit trees.

The page gives videos on garden tips and tricks. You can follow these videos, you will be able to grow many things in your garden. As the videos explain in very simple ways, even a new person or a beginner can grow his own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Videos on Propagation of Plants

How to propagate jasmine plant

Rubber tree plant propagation by cutting

Rooting Rubber tree plant in water

Propagating money plant in water

Growing Neem tree from seed

How to propagate blueberries from cuttings

Growing Pomegranate tree from Cuttings

Growing Roses from Cuttings

How to propagate bougainvillea from cuttings

Grow Curry Leaf Plant from cuttings

Growing Duranta cuttings in water

Growing Magnolia tree from cuttings

How to longan tree from seeds

How to grow crotons from cuttings

Garden Tricks Videos

How to test if a mango is ripe

Ripen mangoes quickly after picking

How to grow bottle gourd

Grow bitter melon from seeds

How to grow mango tree from seed

2 year old nectarine producing fruits

Seed grown 3 year old mango tree producing fruits

Seed grown 3 year old mango tree producing fruits update

Blueberries blooming vine

Tomatoes hand pollination

How to grow ginger

Growing vegetables in containers

Growing herbs in containers

Growing flowers in containers

Growing fruits in containers

Growing Guava tree in container

Plants that repel mosquitoes

Vegetables you can regrow again and again

How to grow basil and tulsi

How to grow coriander

How to grow duranta tree

Grow Neem Tree From Seeds in Hindi

Grow Rubber Plant from Cuttings (Hindi)

Growing Curry leaf plant and its care

Which mango seeds grow fruits in 2-4 years

How to care for rubber plant

How to grow taro root plant

How to grow curry leaves from seed (hindi)

Walking giant stick insect

Tips for rubber plant care

Tips to care for curry leaf plant

Tips to make a juniper bonsai tree

How to force a mango tree to fruit

How to grow turmeric in pots

How to prune a mango tree