Garden Tricks and Tips Videos

Watch YouTube videos on various gardening topics such as how to grow, how to care for vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit trees. I am growing vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and herbs in my garden for the last several decades. Over the years I have developed many garden tricks. I have made some videos which gives simple tricks on gardening.

The page gives videos on garden tips and tricks. You can follow these videos, you will be able to grow many things in your garden. As the videos explain in very simple ways, even a new person or a beginner can grow his own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Videos on Propagation of Plants

Plants can be propagated from seeds, cuttings and layering. While vegetables and herbs are best grown from seeds, but fruit trees propagated from seeds may not produce fruits true to their parent plants. However, fruit trees propagated from cuttings and layering produce the clones of the parent trees.

Propagation from Cuttings

Rubber plant propagation by cutting
Rooting Rubber plant in water
Grow Croton from Cutting
Grow Rubber plant from cuttings
How to grow blueberries from cuttings
How to grow persimmon tree from cuttings
Grow Magnolia tree from Cuttings

How to propagate jasmine
Grow Roses from Cuttings

How to propagate bougainvillea from cuttings

Grow Curry Leaves from cuttings
Grow Neem tree from cuttings

Growing Magnolia tree from cuttings
Grow longan tree from seeds
How to grow crotons from cuttings
How to grow mango tree from cutting
How to grow Coriander from cuttings
Grow Frangipani From Cuttings
Grow Bougainvillea from cutting

Propagation from Seeds

Grow persimmon tree from seeds
how to grow apple tree from seed youtube
Grow Custard Apple from seed
Grow Custard Apple from seed
How to grow macadamia tree from seeds
How to grow plum tree from seeds
How to grow nectarine from seeds
How to longan tree from seeds
How to grow mango tree from seed

Garden Tricks Videos

Prevent Mango flowers and Fruits drop
How to Prune Mango Tree
Ripen mangoes quickly after picking
Prune rubber plant to make bushy
How to increase mango flowers and fruits
Grow Mango Tree in a Pot
How to grow ginger
Trick to increase mango flowers
Leaf curl in lemon, lime and oranges
Grow mango tree in containers
Grow Guava tree in container
Croton plant branching out to make bushy
How to grow taro root plant
Lemon Citrus leaf curl treatment
Composting in balcony of apartment
How to keep Bougainvillea flowering

Videos on health and Fitness

While working in garden, you may develop many problems in your body like back ache, pain in knees, or pain in neck. You van treat these neck pain, lower back pain and knee pain by doing pain relieving and muscles strengthening exercises.
How to cure lower back pain video
How to get rid of knee pain
Knee pain relief exercises in Hindi video
Lower Back pain relief exercises for Seniors youtube video
Health benefits of turmeric video