How to Grow Moringa Tree From Cuttings : Moringa Propagation from Cuttings

Know the details on how to grow a moringa tree from a cutting indoors and outdoor. Also when and how to take cuttings and how to plant the moringa cutting. Moringa propagation from stem cuttings is very good when you don't have moringa seeds, you just need cuttings from branches of mature moringa tree.

A moringa tree (drumstick tree, malunggay) can easily be grown from a moringa stem cutting. The moringa cuttings can be rooted without rooting hormone.

Grow Moringa Tree From Cutting
Moringa Tree Growing in a Pot

Growing Moringa from Stem Cuttings

Continue reading below the step-by-step guide on rooting and growing moringa cuttings.

When to Grow Moringa from Cuttings?

The moringa tree grows best in warmer climates. The moringa cuttings will root quickly during summer months or when the temperature is more than 20°C (68°F), but it will take longer in a cooler climate.

Taking Cuttings

  1. Take stem cuttings from a mature branch of moringa tree with pruning shears.
  2. The cuttings can be from 8 inch (20 cm) to 6 feet (1.8m) long and 5 mm to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter.

Preparing Moringa Cuttings For Planting

  1. Remove all the leaves on the cutting.
  2. Cut the branch at an angle below a node and remove any green portion of the stem. The node is where  new roots will grow. The cuttings should have at least 2 nodes.
  3. Wrap the cuttings in damp news paper or place in a cooler place away from direct sun light, while you prepare for other things.

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Moringa Cuttings For Propagation
Moringa Cuttings For Propagation

Soil For Moringa Cutting Propagation

The rooting medium should be free-draining so as no water stand on the soil. The standing water will rot the Moringa cuttings.

How To Plant Moringa Cuttings

  1. You can plant cuttings in small pots and later on transplant them after they are rooted. Take a pot having drainage holes at its bottom to drain excess water. Fill this pot with the rooting medium.
  2. Make a deep hole with a stick in the soil, insert the cutting in it with 1 node in the soil and close the hole firmly with soil.
  3. You can plant more than one cuttings in the same pot. However, plant them at least an inch between apart so that it will be easier to separate them for transplanting. 
  4. Water well. Again water when the soil dries up. Place the pot in full sun.
  5. If temperature outdoors is less than 20°C (68°F), then place the pot indoors at a warm place. You can place the pot on a heating pad, if available.
  6. If growing in garden, select a sunny spot. Dig a hole 3 x 3 ft (1 x 1m) and fill it with a mixture of soil, sand and composted cow manure. Plant the cutting. Water well.

Three Moringa Cuttings Planted in a Pot
Rooted Moringa Cuttings.

How long does it take Moringa cuttings to root?

The moringa cuttings will root in four weeks to 4 months depending on the temperature and size of the cutting. Lower temperature will take longer to root.

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