How to Grow and Save Moringa Tree in Winter

Learn how to grow and save your moringa tree in winter and grow moringa indoors in cold climates.

The moringa is a superfoods (health benefits of Moringa) but question is can you grow moringa olivera in cold climates? The fact is that the moringa tree grows in tropical and sub-tropical areas (USDA Zones 9-11).

It is a hardy plant, thrives between 25 and 35°C (77°F to 95°F).

Grow moringa in winter, Moringa tree in a Pot
Moringa tree in a Pot
It can tolerate temperatures as high as 48°C (118°F) in shade.

Then how much cold can it take? It can grow in cold climates and can survive light frost and short periods of freezing weather only.
  1. The moringa tree becomes dormant in winter time, leaves fall when the temperature drops below 4.4°C (40°F), but  the new shoots will begin to form when the Spring starts.
  2. Climate Zones 7-10: The Moringa tree will die in snow or in freezing temperatures, unless you take proper care on how to keep moringa alive even in cooler climates. 
  3. However, in an your area where the temperature rarely drops below 1.7°C (+35°F), your Moringa may survive. Moringa roots in prolong freezing grounds will kill the tree.

Video on How to Save Moringa in Winter

How to save moringa in winter video
  1. Plant your moringa tree where your house receives maximum sunlight during winter.
  2. Plant your moringa tree against a wall in the west or south-facing side of your house. The wall will absorb heat during the day and keep the tree a little warmer during night.
  3. Put a thick layer of mulch and water well in evening if there is a chance of frost.
  4. Put Christmas lights around the tree to generate some heat for for the tree. You can also put a couple of heat lamps around.
  5. Sprinkle water on the tree, 3-4 times a day for about 5 minutes to keep the moringa warm as a result of water evaporation.

Moringa Protection where the minimum temperature ranges from 4.4°C to −12.2°C (+40°F to 10°F)

This method is to protect the roots of the moringa tree to save it from freezing temperatures in Climate Zones 7-10 by providing sufficient warmth to the roots that will keep the plant alive during the coldest period.
Save Moringa in Winter, Protect Moringa Tree
Protecting Moringa Trunk in Winter
  1. First harvest your leaves. You can harvest the leaves as and when you need them, but you must harvest them if the day temperature regularly drops below 4.4°C (40°F).
  2. Prune the tree to a height of three feet when the day temperature regularly drops below 4.4°C (40°F). 
  3. Make a 4-5 feet high cylindrical fence of chicken wire around the truck leaving about a foot of gap between the chicken wire and the trunk.
  4. Now to insulate the trunk and the roots zone. Fill the chicken wire cylinder tightly with some insulating material such as dry leaves, hay, wood chips, mineral wool, rock wool, earth wool or even old blankets.
  5. You can cover the insulated cylinder and the surrounding root zone on the cylinder base with a polythene sheet for further protection from rain, snow or ice.
  6. Remove the insulation and the chicken wire in Spring, when new growth will appear and also it would be much easier to harvest the moringa leaves. 

How To Grow Moringa Tree Indoors

You can grow moringa tree indoors to save it from extreme cold climates where the minimum temperature ranges from -17.8°C to −51.1°C (0°F to −60°F).
The moringa plant will not survive out side under such low cold climates of Climate Zones 1-6 and die. Only way to grow moringa tree under such low temperatures is to grow it indoors. moringa tree diseases and problems

  1. Plant your moringa tree in large pots, around 50 liters. Find details here on how to grow moringa tree in containers. You can grow moringa from seeds and grow moringa from cuttings as shown here.
  2. Keep it outside in  sun until the daytime weather drops below 15.6°C (60°F), then move your pot indoors and place it near a window so that it can receive some sunlight. If you do not receive direct sunlight indoors, then place the pot in the brightest spot or use heat lamps.
  3. You can keep your moringa tree in a greenhouse.
  4. Move your moringa container outside when the temperature begin to rise above15.6°C (60°F)
  5. Pruning: If you grow your moringa plant indoors, then pruning becomes very important. If you do not prune your moringa, it will reach to the ceiling within a year. Read details on how to keep moringa tree small.
    1. Start pruning when the plant is a small seedling, cut the growing trunk to a height of 1 foot. It will grow multiple branches which you can again prune them when they grow large by one-third. Also prune the branches going straight up. You can use the leaves from the pruned branches.
    2. This way the plant will become bushy, growing horizontally. It would be easier to pick the leaves.
Following the above tips and suggestions, you can grow. protect and save your moringa tree in winter and extreme cold climates.

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