How To Grow Dwarf Moringa Tree: Moringa Tree Pruning To Keep It Small

Learn how keep moringa tree small and to grow dwarf moringa tree and how to prune moringa tree correctly to keep it small, dense and bushy, as I am doing it in Sydney, Australia. The moringa tree grows very tall and it becomes very difficult to harvest leaves and fruits from a tree as high as 40 feet. So it is very important to keep moringa tree to a small height by proper pruning to ensure it grows not too high and produces more leaves and fruits.

Dwarf moringa tree
Dwarf, Small Moringa Tree

How Big Does a Moringa Tree Grow

The moringa tree grows very fast and can grow to a height of 15 to 40 feet 4.5 to 12 m), if not pruned. how to grow moringa tree from cuttings, health benefits of moringa powder

How to Keep Moringa Tree Small

Read below to know when to prune moringa tree, or Horseradish or the Drumstick tree. The pruning moringa will produce more branches and leaves.  Pruning will prevent moringa from growing too tall and keep it size short, like a dwarf moringa tree. Pruning also encourages better and faster growth. You can grow a small moringa tree in containers (how to grow moringa in containers, moringa tree problems)

  1. Overgrown branches produce less leaves.
  2. Pruning encourages growth of new branches and leaves. The more you prune, the more shoots and leaves appear. Pruning makes moringa tree bushy, dense and wide.
  3. By regular pruning of moringa tree, you can keep your moringa tree small, like a dwarf tree. Smaller moringa tree is easier to maintain, specially in winter (how to save moringa tree in winter)
  4. Pruning makes harvesting of leaves and moringa pods quite easy.
  5. Tall and too thin moringa tree do not provide any shade.
  6. Actually moringa trees like being pruned to produce better quality and quantity of leaves production.

When to Prune Moringa Tree

  1. Prune moringa in late winter or early spring in frost-free areas before the new growth starts.
  2. In cold climates, prune your moringa just before the first frost hits in winter.

Things You Need For Moringa Tree Pruning

You need garden tools like pruning shears, loppers, saw and ladder to prune the moringa tree.  

You must disinfect the tools in isopropyl alcohol or a bleach solution before pruning, 

Garden tools for moringa pruning
Garden tools for moringa pruning

How To Prune Moringa Tree

Before pruning, first harvest the leaves and  pods for consumption.

Pruning Moringa Seedlings 

Moringa seedling
Moringa seedling

  1. First Prune your moringa when it is a young seedling (How to grow moringa from seed).  You can cut the main stem to 4 to 6 inch height. The plant will not look good, but soon you will see new branches and leaves.
  2. You may pinch or cut the end of newly grown stems for more bushy growth.
  3. Prune the branches by 75 percent whenever they grow to 2-3 feet long.

Pruning Mature Big Moringa Trees

  1. Prune the dead branches and leaves.
  2. Prune all the branches at about 4 feet height from the base.
  3. Remove any shoots growing straight up. This will make the tree growing wide, and to a small height.

Videos on Moringa Tree

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