How To Clean and Shine Houseplant Leaves Like Rubber Plant

Learn how to clean, polish and shine the leaves of houseplants like those of rubber plant, ZZ plant, Monstera deliciosa and Snake plant using a homemade leaf shine spray for indoor plants.

Plants breathe through little pores in their leaves. If the leaf pores get clogged, the plant will suffocate or not receive enough light, which will affect photosynthesis.

Rubber Plant
Rubber Plant
The leaves of the houseplants, therefore, need to be cleaned regularly to unclog their pores which help the plant to breathe more efficiently and to improve photosynthesis. 

This will remove any insects and pests sitting on the leaves and keep the plant healthy, in addition, the plant will look nice. 

It is better to clean dust on the leaves regularly every 1-2 months. 

A plant leaf shine recipe is given which will not only dissolve the dust and remove hard water spots from leaves, but also polish and protect the leaves from insects.

Methods of Plant Leaf Clean and Shine

Dusting Feather

Use a dusting feather on the leaves of larger, leafy plants to gently remove dust on both sides. Obviously, this one will only work on larger, leafy plants. This will work for rubber plant, ZZ plant, Monstera deliciosa and Snake plant. Use a soft paint brush for smaller plants.

Damp Cloth

Wet a soft cloth or sponge and twist to remove excess water. 

Wipe the top side of the leaf, starting from the stem, while supporting the leaf from the under side with your palm, so it does not break down.

Similarly, clean the under sides where the pests usually hide, giving the support on the top. 

Use a small soft paint brush for small leaves.

Soap Solution

Mix some dish washing soap in water. Then dip the cloth in this soap/water solution and wipe the leaves as mention above. Thoroughly rinse the plant of all soap.

Vinegar or Lemon Juice and Neem Oil

Vinegar and lemon juice are effective to dissolve dust and mineral salts on the leaves. The vinegar is also good at repelling insects. The neem oil is effective in killing insects. Following is a homemade leaf shine recipe.

Rubber plant leaf Cleaned and Polished
Rubber plant leaf Cleaned
and Polished

Leaf Shine Spray Recipe

Mix 1 ml white vinegar, 1 ml neem oil and a few drops of dishwashing soap in 1 litre water. The neem oil can kill insects and pests like spider mites on the plant, in addition to shine the leaves The vinegar is great at repelling pests and its acidity dissolves dust and mineral salts.

How To Use Leaf Shine Spray

  1. Step 1: First clean dust on both sides of the leaves with a soft cloth, tissue paper or dusting feather.  Follow this on larger, leafy plants, but use a soft paint brush for smaller plants.
  2. Step 2: Spray on both sides of the leaves. Wipe the under sides with a soft cloth, support the top sides with your palm to prevent leaf damage. Now wipe the top sides giving support at the undersides of the leaves.
  3. Step 3: Polish the leaves when they get dry with a soft cloth.

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