How To Grow Jasmine in Containers | Growing Arabian Jasmine in Pots

Know how to grow jasmine plant in a pot. The Jasmine Jasminum Sambac growing guide shows the jasmine care tips on soil for jasmine, how to water and fertilize jasmine plants, how to water a jasmine plant, best fertilizer for jasmine, how to prune a jasmine plant, how to repot your jasmine plants and how to get maximum flowers in jasmine plant.

Growing Jasmine Sambac Complete Guide

Jasmine Plant Growing in a Container
Jasmine Plant in a Container

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The tips given here are same for all types of jasmines including Arabian jasmine, night blooming jasmine and Spanish jasmine.

Position: Where to Plant Jasmine

Jasmine requires 6 hours of full sun light to grow well and produce flowers. It can though tolerate partial shade. It is best to grow jasmine outdoors in a sunny spot.

If you grow jasmine indoors, place your plant near south-facing window where it can receive some sun light. If you don't get direct sun indoors, then provide artificial light. If growing outdoors, move your jasmine pot indoors if temperature falls below 0°C and again take it outside when the temperature rises..  

Soil for Jasmine Plant

Jasmine plant needs nutrition rich free-draining soil. For this mix about 25% each of cow manure or compost and river sand or perlite in the potting mix. The sand will make the soil free draining and the manure provide the nutrition.

Pot Size

You can start your jasmine plant with a smaller pot and later transfer the plant into a bigger pot. The pot should have many drainage holes to drain excess water to prevent root rot.

Watering Jasmine Plant in Pot

Allow the soil to dry out before watering your jasmine, but keep the soil slightly moist when the plant is blooming. You can put a thick layer of sugar cane mulch to maintain humidity in soil and to prevent weeds.

Fertilizer for Arabian Jasmine Plant

  1. Fertilize every month from Spring to Autumn with N:P:K 10:30:10 fertilizer. 
  2. You can feed a liquid fertilizer high in phosphorus and potassium like bone meal, banana fertilizer, comfrey tea, seaweed solution or compost or cow manure. 
  3. Best fertilizer for jasmine: Banana peel fertilizer is the best for all types of jasmine plants to get maximum flowers.

Insect Problems on Jasmine Plant

  1. Sometimes insects like white flies, aphids and caterpillars and spider mite may attack the jasmine plant. 
  2. Mix 1 ml Neem oil and a few drops of liquid dish washing soap in 1 litre water and spray every 15 days on both sides of the leaves to prevent insects. 
  3. Flush the plant with a jet of water to remove mites or wash the plant with a soap solution.

Pruning Arabian Jasmine Plant

Learn how to prune an Arabian jasmine plant to get maximum flowers.

  1. A jasmine plant grows a lot of long vines which you can train on a trellis. If you want to grow your jasmine as a vine, then do not prune but pinch off the tips of the branches after flowering.
  2. To make a jasmine plant bushy, you need to prune it. Pruning makes the plant bushy.
  3. Prune the branches by half in mid-summer to encourage growth, flowers grow on new growth. Then trim the branches after every flush of flowers to get more flowers.

Repotting a Jasmine Plant

The Jasmine plant needs to be re-potted every two-three years when its root become pot bound and emerge from the bottom holes of the pot.

Repot the jasmine plant in a container size at least 2 inch larger. 

Jasmine Propagation

Jasmine Grown from Cuttings
Jasmine Grown from Cuttings

You can regrow the pruned cuttings to make new Jasmine plants free of cost (Grow Arabian jasmine from cuttings).

How To Get Maximum Flowers On Jasmine Plant

You can increase flowers on jasmine plant by taking proper care of fertilizer and pruning.

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