How To Grow Almond Tree From Seed At Home: Almond Seed Germination

This article is on how to grow almond tree from seeds at home and how to germinate almond seeds. It is possible to grow almonds from seeds or nuts from grocery store.  For this, the first step is to germinate almond seeds indoors. I have successfully germinated almond seeds from almond nuts from a grocery store in Australia and grown an almond tree which produced flowers in just 2 years.

Growing Almonds from Seeds at Home, Simple DIY Method
Almond tree
Almond tree

People often ask, can you grow almonds from store bought almonds? The answer is yes or no. Yes if you get truly raw almonds or almonds in shells. I tried with almonds from a grocery store. Nuts purchased from stores may not germinate properly, but you can try to germinate and grow almonds from seeds as an interesting experiment (how to germinate seeds in paper towel).  Also note that the almond nuts that are produced may be of different quality than that of the parent tree.

The procedure given below for growing an almond tree from store bought almond nuts can be followed to grow Indian almonds or from any other country. 

Selection of Almond Seed

Buy unsalted and unroasted almonds from store if you cannot find raw almonds, although sometimes you can find raw almonds in stores.

Almonds from Grocery Store
Almonds from Grocery Store

Almonds in shells are the best for germination. The almonds without shells are treated before coming to store, so their germination success rate is poor. So you may try to germinate several seeds, so that a few may sprout.

Break the shells without damaging the seed inside to take out the almonds. Soak the seeds in water for 1 day. Floating almonds after 1 day are not good for germination, discard them.

Almond Seed Germination

How to germinate almond seeds? Almond seed germination needs correct stratification procedure to simulate conditions suitable for germination to occur. Follow the critical steps to germinate almond seeds easily and then plant the germinated seed to grow an almond tree.

The almond seed germination success rate of store bought almond nuts is poor, may be 1-3 in 10 seeds. So start with 10 almond seeds.

Almond Seed Stratification

Almond Seed Stratification is the most important step to simulate winter conditions, suitable for germination. The almond seeds have an embryonic dormancy phase. Stratification is a process to break this dormancy by exposing the seeds for an extended period of cold climate before they can germinate. The almond seed germination temperature is between 2 to 7ÂșC.

  1. Take a paper towel or news paper and place the soaked seeds on it. Fold the paper, sprinkle some water and then seal in a polythene sheet or a Ziploc bag and place in refrigerator.
  2. Almond Seed Germination Time: The question is how long does it take for an almond seed to germinate?  The almond seed germination will take from 1 to 3 months depending on the quality (age) of the seeds. 
  3. Ensure to check the seeds every 7 days to see if the germination has started. Throw away any seeds that have grown fungus on them. Also change the paper if mold develops.
Germinated Almond Seed
Germinated Almond Seed

Planting the Germinated Almond Seed in Soil

Once the almond seeds have germinated, the next step is to plant them in soil. 

  1. Plant the germinated seeds in a free-draining nutrient rich soil about half a inch deep. Add compost in the soil to make it nutrient and perlite or coarse river sand to make it free-draining. If soil is not well-draining, then standing water in the pot will rot the seed.
  2. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Place in direct sunlight. 
  3. The almond seedling will appear in 4-5 days.
  4. Transfer the almond seedlings into a bigger pot size when they are of about 6 inch height.

Almond Tree from seed
Almond Tree Grown from seed

Video of Growing Almonds From Grocery Store Seeds

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