Growing Herbs and Spices : Best Herbs To Grow In Pots

Read below to learn on how to grow herbs in pots starting from seeds or seedlings, outdoors and indoors including best time to plant in pots. Using freshly harvested herbs and spices can give a great taste, fragrance and flavour to dishes.

Growing herbs and spices like coriander, mint, chilies, peppers, garlic, ginger, turmeric, saffron, etc. adds great beauty and look to the garden.

Creating a herb garden is not difficult. You can grow herbs both indoors and outdoors. Most herbs are quite easy to grow in pots, still you need to take care of them..
Picture of Coriander herb
Growing Coriander Cilantro
  1. It is not difficult to grow your own spices and herbs, although many find it so. Actually growing herbs is easier than you think. If you choose your plants wisely, it is a great way to save on buying a fresh bunch of herbs every time you need just a little bit, if you grow your own herbs.
  2. You do not need a large growing space. Most herbs can be grown in containers. If you have very little space or live in an apartment, then you can use pots and containers, even Styrofoam containers.
  3. You should consider planting only those herbs you like to eat and which are less susceptible to pests and diseases. Most spice and herb plants are relatively free of pest and disease problems like a turmeric plant due to their oils and flavours, a deterrent against insects and animals.
  4. Almost all herbs love sun, so plant them in a sunny position, at least 4 hours of direct sun.
  5. If you want to make a Kitchen Herb Garden, then you have to select a place which receives maximum sun light or place the herb pots in bright locations. Occasionaly, you will need to move the herb plants outdoors in sun light for some time. The best herbs to grow indoors are coriander, mint, dill, chives, basil, parsley, marjoram, etc.
  6. Cold hardy herbs: Some herbs like mint, sage, thyme, chives and oregano grow well in cold.
  7. When to plant herbs: Most herbs can be planted in spring. Some herbs like turmeric are planted in summer, while fenugreek cab be grown almost any time of the year
  8. Best herbs to grow in pots: The best herbs to grow in pots are basil, chives, coriander (cilantro), lemon balm, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme. These herbs grow very fast if proper care of soil and water is taken.
  9. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano grow best in free-draining soil, they are compatible to each other so they can be grown together in a large pot.
  10. Herbs like chives coriander, basil, parsley and chives needs plenty of water and may be planted together in the same pot. Mint is an invading plant and so the shared plant may not grow well with it.
  11. A herb garden can be started from seeds or seedlings or roots or even cuttings. When you buy herbs from supermarket, you throw away their roots. It is interesting to grow herbs from scraps and grow them again. It is a very quick and easy way to grow herbs. You can grow coriander and spinach from roots how to grow coriander from roots, how to grow spinach from cuttings
 Following is a list of spices and herbs that you can grow.
  1. Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera Plant care
  2. Basil (how to grow basil)
  3. Capsicums (peppers) (how to grow capsicums, peppers)
  4. Cardamom (how to grow cardamom at home, Grow cardamom from seeds video)
  5. Chillies (how to grow chilies)
  6. Cilantro (how to grow cilantro)
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Cloves
  9. Comfrey (how to grow comfrey) (medicinal herb, soil improver and fertilizer)
  10. Coriander (growing coriander, grow coriander indoors)
  11. Curry Leaves (how to grow curry leaves, how to store curry leaves)
  12. Fenugreek Growing fenugreek in pot)
  13. Galangal
  14. Garlic (How to grow garlic)
  15. Ginger (growing ginger)
  16. Kaffir lime (a citrus tree, the leaves are used as a spice)
  17. Lemongrass
  18. Mint (grow mint in container)
  19. Nutmeg
  20. Oregano
  21. Parsley
  22. Pepper (peppercorns)
  23. Rosemary
  24. Saffron (How to grow saffron)
  25. Stevia (Growing Stevia)- a natural calorie-free sweetener.
  26. Thyme
  27. Turmeric (growing turmeric)
  28. Vanilla

Growing nuts

  1. Almonds (Grow almond tree from seeds)

Picture of Fenugreek leaves
Growing Fenugreek leaves

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