How To Propagate Curry Leaf Plant

Curry leaf plant can be grown from seeds, stem cuttings or from suckers around an adult tree. Keep on reading to learn how to grow a curry leaves so that you can give your friends a free curry leaf plant.

The plant grown from seeds will be very slow, may be more than a year for the seedling to get established. The curry leaves plant propagated by stem cutting and suckers are relatively quick to grow.

Growing Curry Leaf Plant From Seed

Curry Leaf  Plant Berries Fruits
Curry Leaf Berries

Curry Leaf Plant Grown from seeds
Curry Leaf Plant Grown from seeds

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A new curry leaf plant can be easily grown from its seeds. The seeds germinates at temperature around 21°C (70°F).
  1. Pick berries when they are almost ripe, becoming black in colour.

  2. You can sow the whole ripe berry, but the germination will be slow and the success may be limited.

  3. It is better to squeeze the seed out of the fruit pulp and sow them in seed raising mix.

  4. Placing the seeds in a moist paper towel for a few days before putting them in soil will speed up germination.

  5. Cover the seeds with soil and place in warm place. The seeds will germinate in about 10 days.

Growing Curry Leaf Plant by Cuttings

Curry Leaf Plants Grown from Seeds
Curry Leaf Plant
Grown from Seeds
This is the easiest way to get new curry leaf plant. But the question is how to get a curry leaf cutting to root? The steps for growing curry leaves from cuttings are similar to that for bougainvillea plant given below:
  1. Fill a small pot with the rooting mix, which is a mixtures of peat or pertile and sand, and water well before planting.
  2. Insert a pencil into the soil of the pot reaching up to 1 inch above the base. Take out the pencil.

  3. Taking Cuttings
    1. Select a branch of the tree which is neither flexible or nor stiff, means semi-hard.
    2. From this branch take a cutting of pencil thickness (about 5 mm diameter) and about 5 inch long with 4-5 leaf sets.
  4. Cut directly above the highest bud and a slant cut just below the lowest bud. Remove the lower set of leaves leaving top 2-3 sets. Cut each of the upper leaves into half or less.
  5. Put the lower part of the cutting into the rooting hormone powder and shake off the extra powder. Push the cutting into the hole in the pot and firm it. Do not water it again.
  6. Put the pot in a polythene bag or (zip-lock bag) and tie the top end and place it in shade. In about 10 days, you will see your cutting to grow new buds. Keep the pot in shade for a few weeks until you find that the stick has become quite firm in the soil, indicating the root growth.

Propagation By Suckers

Remove a sucker with its roots attached from a curry leaf palnt from your friend.
Plant this sucker in a pot or ground, water well and care as a new plant.


I want to grow a curry patta leaf plant in a pot. What is the best method to propagate it from a seed or cutting?

The curry leaf plant can be easily grown from cuttings and seeds. However, the seeds grown curry patta plants take a bit longer.

that is exactly how i do for most off my plants i replant . works 100% of the time make sure you use organic mirical grow soil.

my curry leaf plant lost all of its leaves during winter, and they are not regrowing in this spring. Is it a dead plant now? Is there anything I can do to bring back the leaves.

I have tried several times to propagate curry patta with cuttings but they always get moldy and die. What am I doing wrong ?

Please follow the instructions.

Can you please post pics of the process from cuttings? I would like to propagate them to give to friends. But I would like to see what would be a suitable sized cutting.

It is very easy to propagate. Cut a thin stem just below a leaf, the size of a pencil and insert in soil or water. It will quickly grow new roots and leaves.

Can I propagate curry plant from fresh store-bought curry leaves stems? and if there is any other instructions besides given above that I need to follow. Love your home-made root hormone solution, it is easy. I'm trying my hand with propagating azaleas and rhondondrum .. :)

You may try, but may not suceed as these cuttings are not fresh.

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