How To Store Curry Leaves

Simple methods are given on how to store or preserve curry leaves for long in fridge and outside fridge. The curry leaves can be grown from seeds or cuttings at home and it is not difficult. However, everybody does not grow the plant in their gardens so they have to buy curry leaves from grocery store. But the curry leaves are not available all the year, so one has to store curry leaves. Continue reading blow to learn how to store curry leaves for months at home.

Curry leaves
Curry Leaves

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How To Preserve Curry Leaves Or Kadi Patta

Preserving Curry Leaves at home is easy, it involves only a few steps. The question is how you can preserve curry leaves for long in fridge or outside the fridge.

Drying curry leaves
Drying Curry Leaves

1. Wash the curry leaves thoroughly in water.
2. Dry well in news paper, kitchen towel or any cloth.
3. Remove the leaves from the stem. Discard the bad leaves.

For Preserving Curry Leaves in Fridge

Method 1

Preserving curry leaves this way will keep them good for at least 1 month, retaining their aroma and taste.
Place the curry leaves in fridge
Place Curry leaves in Fridge

1. Wrap the curry leaves in a kitchen towel or paper and seal in a Ziploc bag or in a box. 

2. Curry Leaves Box in Fridge: Place the Bag/Box in Fridge. Whenever you need to use the curry leaves, just take out and use them. remember to reseal the box and put it again in fridge.

Method 2

This method of storing curry leaves will preserve the taste and aroma of leaves for 2 months or more.
  1. Dry the leaves in shade for 3-4 hours or in microwave for approximately 1 minute. Please ensure that the leaves do not burn in microwave.
  2. Wrap them in a kitchen towel, seal in a Ziploc bag or box and place in Fridge. Whenever you want the curry leaves, take some out and reseal the box and put it again in fridge.

Store Curry Leaves Outside Fridge

If you want to store curry leaves for more than a year, then follow this method. However, using this method will lose some aroma of the leaves.
Curry leaf powder
Curry Leaf Powder

Curry powder in bottle
Storing Curry Leaf Powder
Put the dried curry leaves in sun for 5-6 days to dry them completely so that they become crisp.

Store the dried leaves in an air tight box outside the fridge.

Or you can grind the dried leaves into powder in a grinder and store the curry powder in an air-tight bottle.