Night Blooming Jasmine Propagation: How to Grow Night Blooming Jasmine from Cuttings

Learn  how to propagate Night Blooming Jasmine from cuttings. The procedure to grow night blooming jasmine, cestrum nocturnum from cuttings is similar to Arabian jasmine propagation. Growing Night Blooming Jasmine from cuttings is quite easy, although it can also be propagated from seeds and layering method.

Night Blooming Jasmine or Raat Rani
Night Blooming Jasmine or Raat Rani Flowers

Propagating Night Blooming Jasmine From Cuttings

Follow the given guide to propagate Night Blooming Jasmine (Raat ki Rani) from stem cuttings. A few years ago I bought a small Night Blooming Jasmine plant (how to grow night blooming jasmine). Soon this queen of night plant grew to a small bush and started to produce scented flowers in the night. I decided to propagate this plant by cuttings, after I successfully propagated Arabian Jasmine. I tried night blooming jasmine propagation from cuttings in soil and that was successful. You can also grow night blooming jasmine starting from cuttings, just follow the procedure as described below.

There are different varieties of jasmine plant depending on the size and the number of petals on the flower. The single petal flower has thin petals, while the many petal flower looks like a small white rose.

The propagation of night blooming jasmine is similar to the propagation of blueberries, propagating bougainvillea, propagation of hydrangeapropagation of roses by cuttings, increasing jasmine flowering and propagation of Arabian jasmine.

Night Blooming Jasmine Propagation By Cuttings

Night blooming jasmine cutting for propagation
Night blooming jasmine cutting for propagation

The success rate of growing a new night blooming jasmine plant with cutting is quite high. I had put 4 cuttings in one pot and all the three grew into new plants.

What is the right time to start propagation of night blooming jasmine?
The ideal temperature to root night blooming jasmine is around 21°C, however, it can be rooted from spring to summer in much hotter days.
  1. When to Propagate Night Blooming Jasmine: Start propagating the jasmine in early morning or evening.
  2. Rooting medium for Night Blooming Jasmine propagation: Take a small pot, 3-4 inch and fill it with a well-drained potting mix. Water thoroughly and leave the pot for one hour to drain.
  3. Taking Cuttings of Night Blooming Jasmine: Look for a semi-hardwood stem, generally from the previous year's growth, which should be firm and flexible to bend. Do not take cutting which has flowers or buds. Early in the morning, cut the stem to 6 to 8 inch long, just below a node with a sharp knife. Remove all the leaves from the bottom part and top leaves into half.
  4. Apply some rooting hormone at the bottom of the cutting. You can use Aloe Vera gel or any natural homemade rooting hormone in place of chemical rooting hormone.
  5. Planting the Night Blooming Jasmine Cuttings: Make a hole at the centre of the pot using a pencil and insert the Jasmine cutting into the soil 2-3 inch deep so that at least 1 node is in the soil. Do not push the cutting in the soil to avoid any damage to it. Do not water again.
  6. The cuttings need high humidity to root, so it needs to be placed in a green house. Cover the pot inside a clear polythene bag to make a mini green house and place it at a bright warm place but away from direct sun.
  7. Open the cover after every 10 days to mist the cuttings and allow fresh air. Do not water too much, the cuttings may rot.
  8. Within 4-6 weeks, new growth will emerge. You may see roots emerging from the bottom holes of the pot. Take out the pot from the polythene bag and let it remain in indirect sunlight until 2-3 sets of leaves appear.
  9. You can transplant the new plant into another pot or in the garden.
    Night Blooming Jasmine Cutting Propagated
    Night Blooming Jasmine Cutting Propagated

Night Blooming Jasmine Propagation by Layering

You can use layering method to propagate Night Blooming Jasmine plant by using the following steps.
  1. Select a long branch of the plant and remove 2-3 sets of leaves (nodes). Bend the branch near at least one node in a "U" shape.
  2. Lightly scrap the bottom of the U, bend down at least one node in the soil. Put a small weight to keep it under the soil, while the growing tip exposed to air.
  3. Keep the soil moist. Roots will form in 2-3 months time.
  4. Separate the new plant and put in another pot or in garden.

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