How To Propagate Snake Plant in Soil: Snake Plant Propagation

Learn how to propagate snake plant in soil from a leaf cutting and know which is a better way to propagate snake plant in water or soil. You will know how to cut a snake plant leaf to propagate,  snake plant propagation time, and most common problems of snake plant propagation.
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Propagating Snake Plant

Propagate Snake Plant, Snake Plants in Containers
Snake Plants in Containers 

The snake plant propagation is quite easy. The snake plant (mother-in-law tongue plant) is easily multiplied by propagating them from many methods.
  1. The snake plant can be propagated from division or by suckers or by pups or by cutting. It can be propagated by cutting its leaves, whole or even their sections, or by by division of their rhizomes.
  2. Snake Plant Propagation By Division: The easiest method of snake plant propagation is by division of rhizomes. Cut a small piece of rhizomes (roots) with a sharp knife and plant it in a pot filled with free-draining soil. This method of propagation will produce the exact clones of the mother.
  3. The rhizome can be split to separate babies or pups or even grown up leaves to grow more snake plants quickly.
  4. The snake plant cuttings can be rooted in water or soil as mentioned below.

How much time it takes to Propagate Snake Plant?

The time taken for snake plant propagation depends on the method of propagating method. The snake plant cuttings will root in about 3 to 6 months in soil, whereas it can take from 3 to 10 months in water.
There is no way of speeding up the propagation time. However, if you want to have a propagated snake plant faster, you should propagate it by dividing it, instead of propagating from cuttings.

Propagating Snake Plant from Leaf Cuttings

Can snake plant be propagated from leaf cutting? Yes, the snake plant can be grown from leaf cuttings quite easily in soil or in water. You can use a whole leaf, or cut it into sections.

How to Take Leaf Cuttings from Snake Plant

  1. Select a healthy, firm and hydrated leaf for successfully propagating a Sansevieria plant quickly.
  2. Take a sharp pruning shears or a knife and disinfect it with bleach solution or alcohol.  Cut the leaf at its bottom, as close to the soil as possible.

Prepare Snake Plant's Cuttings For Propagation

  1. You can root the whole leaf or its segments.
  2. You can cut a single leaf into many 3-4 inch cuttings, and root them all to get new baby plants. You have to remember which side was originally facing down (generally wider is down side).
  3. Place the cuttings in shade at a warm  place for 3-4 days to allow them to callous. The callous will help prevent rot.

Propagating Snake Plant in Soil

Soil for Propagating Snake Plants

The best soil for snake plant propagation is a well-aerated free-draining potting mix. Standing water in soil will rot the cuttings. You can use a cactus and succulent soil mix. To make your own potting mix for snake plant propagation, take some potting mix and mix in some river sand or perlite in equal amount.

Plant the cuttings in damp soil mix in a pot. Ensure to plant the wider section of the cutting in the soil. The cuttings will take roots in 2 to 8 months. Lightly tug the cutting, if you feel some resistance, then it is a sign that the roots have begun to form. In a few months, new baby plant will emerge from the soil. You will not see any growth/change in the planted leaf cutting, a new baby will emerge when the cutting is rooted.
Propagating snake plant: Snake Plant cutting propagated in soil
Snake Plant Leaf Cutting Propagated in soil

The above picture shows a mother in law's tongue - snake plant leaf cutting propagated in soil, a baby plant has grown which you can cut and plant in a pot.

Snake Plant Propagation in Soil vs Water

The question is whether it is better to propagate a snake plant in water or soil.
  1. Snake Plant Propagation Time Lapse: The snake plant propagation in soil is faster than in water. The rooting time in water is very long in water from 3 to 10 months; whereas the snake plant propagation in soil takes in 2 months or less.
  2. Propagating snake plant cuttings in soil results in stronger roots as compared to propagation in water (see the above pictures).
  3. Propagating snake plant cuttings in water is very easy, but increases chances of rot if you do not take care for possible problems. The grown roots are weaker in water propagated Sansevieria plant.

Snake Plant Propagation Problems

Sometimes you may see that your snake plant is not propagating. Your cuttings may be dying due to water loss, fungal infection, and due to other things. The possible reasons for your snake plant cuttings die and not propagating are given below:

Planting Wrong Side of Cutting If you plant the cutting with the wrong side in the soil or water, you planted that part of the leaf (narrow portion) that was away from the soil, the leaf will not grow new roots (see the picture below).
How to plant snake plant leaf cutting, cofrrect sdie of cutting planting
How to plant snake plant leaf cuttings

The above picture shows the correct way of planting snake plant cuttings. Remember, always keep the wider side of the cutting in soil or water for propagation.

Cutting Rotting
  1. Another reason for propagation failure of the snake plant is that the cutting has rotten before it has rooted. This can happen as a result of over-watering.
  2. The leaf cutting may be rotting if the rooting soil in not correct, it is not free-draining. The standing water in the pot will make the soil too damp for too long, resulting in cutting rot. 
  3. The compact soil does not allow oxygen to the soil. Add aeration to the the soil by mixing river sand or perlite.

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