How To Grow Longan Tree From Cuttings

Following are the details on how to grow a longan tree from cuttings indoors and outdoor. Also know how to take longan stem cuttings and when and how to plant the cuttings to grow them. The longan propagation from stem cuttings may be done when you don't have longan seeds, you just need cuttings from branches of mature longan tree.

The longan cuttings can be rooted without rooting hormone, but if you use a rooting hormone, then it will promote roots quickly. How to grow longan from seeds | Growing longan tree in pot

Longan Fruit
Longan Fruit

Growing longan from Stem Cuttings

Continue reading below the step-by-step procedure on rooting longan cuttings.

When to Grow Longan from Cuttings?

How to grow longan from cuttings
How to Grow longan from cutting Video
The longan tree grows best in warmer climates. The longan cuttings will root quickly during summer months or when the temperature is more than 20°C (68°F), but it will take longer in a cooler climate.

Taking and Preparing longan Cuttings

  1. Take stem cuttings from a mature branch of longan tree with sharp and clean pruning shears.
  2. Cut the branch at an angle below a node. The node is where new roots will grow.
  3. The cuttings can be from 6 to 8 inch long and 5 mm (pencil thick) in diameter.
  4. Remove all the leaves on the cutting. You may keep a few leaves at the top of the cuttings.
  5. Wrap the cuttings in damp news paper or place in a cooler place away from direct sun light, while you prepare for other things.
Longan Cuttings for Propagation. Take semi-hardwood cuttings in Spring
Longan Cuttings for Propagation, Semi-hardwood Cuttings

Soil For Longan Cutting Propagation

The rooting medium should be free-draining so as no water stand on the soil. The standing water will rot the longan cuttings. You can mix potting soil and river sand or perlite equally. The river sand makes the soil free-draining.

How To Plant Longan Cuttings

  1. Take a small pot having drainage holes at its bottom to drain excess water. Fill this pot with the rooting medium. Water the soil thoroughly so that soil becomes moist at all the places. Keep the pot aside in shade to drain excess water.
  2. Make a hole with a stick in the soil, insert the cutting in it (do not push) with at least 1 node in the soil and close the hole firmly with soil.
  3. You can plant more than one cuttings in the same pot, so that at least some will root.
  4. Enclose the pot in a polythene bag and place in shade at a warm place.
  5. If temperature outdoors is less than 20°C (68°F), then place the pot indoors at a warm place. You can place the pot on a heating pad, if available.
  6. Open the bag every 10 days and see if new growth has started. Add a few drops of water to soil or mist the cuttings and close the bag again.
  7. How long does it take longan cuttings to root? The longan cuttings will root in four to 8 weeks depending on the temperature and size of the cutting. Lower temperature will take longer to root.
  8. When you see new growth, just puck the cuttings. The cutting which has started to grow roots will offer resistance. You may see some roots coming out of the bottom holes of the pot.
  9. Open the bag and expose the cuttings in the morning sun for a week.
  10. You can then transplant the cuttings in ground and pots.
Rooted Longan Cuttings, new leaf growth
Rooted Longan Cuttings

The above picture shows new leaf growth on some cuttings. 

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