How To Grow Longan Tree in a Pot

Can you grow longan tree in a pot? Is it possible to grow longan trees in containers? Yes, you can certainly grow a longan tree in a pot, but the tree size will be limited by the size of the container. Longan may be grown in containers if you do not have enough space in your garden. You will be able to shift your longan tree indoors during winter, frost and snow, thus save the tree from severe damage.

You have to decide whether you want to grow your longan tree from seed, cutting or from a sapling. While growing from seed takes longer for the tree to mature and bear fruit, saplings, on the other hand, may start fruiting sooner.

Longan Growing in a Pot
Longan Growing in a Pot

A Guide to Growing Longan Trees in Pots

Whether you have grown your longan tree from a seed or a cutting, with some care and attention, you can successfully grow it in a pot, if you follow the step-by-step procedure given below.

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Choosing the Right Pot

Selecting the appropriate pot is crucial for the health and growth of your longan tree. Opt for a large container with good drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.

Young seedling in a too big pot can rot roots due to excessive moisture. So start with a smaller pot and later on transfer it in a bigger pot as plant grows.

Longans have a robust root system, so finally you have to repot it to a larger with a diameter of at least 24 inches (60cm) to ensure enough space for the roots to spread and support the growth of a healthy tree.

The container should have drainage holes to provide good drainage. The standing water in the pot may kill the plant.

Use a tall pot but not with narrow base, it will topple down as the tree grows or even in wind.

Soil For Planting Longan Tree

Longan trees prefers slightly acidic, free-draining and nutrition rich soil\Use a mixture of 70% potting mix, 15% Compost and 15% river sand. The compost makes the soil slightly acidic and nutrition rich, white the river sand makes it free-draining. This soil combination ensures moisture retention, proper aeration and nutrient availability for your longan tree.

Planting Depth

Plant the longan tree at the same depth as it was in its old container. Ensure to cover the roots with soil adequately, but don't bury the trunk too deep.


Place your potted longan tree in a sunny location. Longans thrive in full sun, at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily.

Move the pot under cover in garage during extreme winter conditions.

Move the pot under cover in case of excessive rain.


Longan trees prefer consistently moist soil, especially during the growing season. Water the tree when the top one inch of the soil feels dry, but be cautious not to overwater to prevent root rot.

Keep the soil of young tree moist but not wet. Young longan plant will need watering at least once a day during hot days.

Water only when the top one inch soil gets dry. Continuously wet soil may kill the tree. In winter, the plant may not need water for several days.

Over-watering or under-watering will cause leaves to turn yellow.

Do not use a saucer at the bottom of the pot for drainage of excess water or if you use it then remove the water from it.

When the tree start to bear fruit, water regularly.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer to Use for Longan Tree

Apply only cow manure in the first year. Then feed your longan tree with a balanced fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer during spring and summer. Do not fertilize when the tree is dormant.

Fertilize only near the rim of the pot, away from the trunk of the longan tree and mix in the soil. Water well after fertilization.

It is best to feed a liquid fertilizer like Powerfeed or Miracle Grow from spring to late summer every 15 days.

Over fertilization can prevent fruit development.

Top dress with compost or cow manure. Then put a layer of mulch and water.

How to grow longan tree in a Pot


Regular pruning helps shape the longan tree and encourages better air circulation.

Pruning the tips of branches during spring and summer will grow more branches and make the tree compact and dense.

First pruning is done when the plant is seedling. Cut at the height of about 6 inch to promote growth of new branches. You can pinch again to promote more branches.

Cut back any dead or diseased branches.

You can prune the tree after harvest to control its size and shape.

Pests and Diseases

The most common pest on longan tree are aphids and scales on new shoots, flowers and fruits. A periodic spray of neem oil may treat the insect problems.

Longan tree is relatively free from major diseases.

Harvesting Longans

Patience is key when growing longan trees, as they typically take several years to start bearing fruit.

The longan grown from seed will start to grow flowers and fruits after 6 years or more. The longan tree does not bear fruit every year.

Longan is self-pollinating, so other tree is not needed for pollination. Hand pollination can increase fruit production.

Excessive rain during flowering may cause flower drop and reduce pollination. Move the pot under cover.

If your longan tree is not bearing fruit even it has become very old, then how to make your longan tree to bear fruit? Spray potassium chlorate or sodium hypochlorite on older leaves to induce flowering of longan trees in Thailand, Taiwan, Florida and Hawaii.

Longans do not continue to ripen after they are picked from the tree, so be sure that the fruits are ripe before harvesting. Ripe longans have a brown, leathery skin and a sweet aroma. You may pick one fruit and taste it before harvesting.

You can refrigerate the fruits in plastic bag for later use.

Growing a longan tree in a pot is a rewarding experience. With proper care, attention, and the right growing conditions, your potted longan tree can provide you with a bountiful harvest of delicious homegrown longans right at your home.

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