Citrus Bronze Orange Bugs

On a routine round of my garden, I noticed several dark brown coloured bugs sitting on young shoots of my lime tree sucking sap from young shoots of the plants. I noticed that many of the young leaves have wilted.

Details on bronze orange bugs and insects seen on citrus trees such as limes, lemon, oranges and mandarins are discussed.

These bugs are Citrus Bronze Orange Bugs which are one of the most common pests on citrus trees such as lemons, limes, oranges, etc in early summer.

They generally attack the young shoots of the tree. I have noticed that they are seen on the tree in morning and evening. These are slow moving bugs and they do not fly high and long distances. I have tried to figure out from where they come, but failed.
Citrus Bronze Orange Pest
Citrus Bronze Orange Pest
The bronze orange bugs are famous in producing stink secretion.
I have tried to take their pictures frHomemade spray to get rid of citrus bronze bugs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wApJsFGgGoom different angles. These bugs are very large, 25 mm long, slow moving stinking bugs. They have fat, thick, flat and soft bodies. They are dark bronze in colour with triangular back plate with a relatively small head.

Look at the picture of bronze orange citrus bug.They have a small hole at the side of the body between the middle and hind legs, which is the outlet of a stinky fluid which contains an oily and volatile component cimicine. They spray out a foul smelling liquid when disturbed that can irritate eyes and skin.

How To Get Rid Off Citrus Bronze Orange Bugs

I have seen them in early morning & late afternoon sitting on new shoots. They are usually in groups of up to 8 to 10 scattered on the tree, sitting two together. I actually removed them by hand using a long pliers.

I also took a big stick and knocked them down onto the ground. Then put them in water. I did this for one week, but they were still there. Continuing my battle against these bronze orange citrus bugs, I made a formula for organic pest oil for bronze orange bug And other lemon pests. I have tried a homemade pest oil spray (getting rid of citrus orange bug) with success .

Note that brown orange citrus bugs are different than citrus and Asian long horned beetles, which can kill hardwood trees including citrus. Citrus leaf curling

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