How To Propagate Crown of Thorns Plant | Crown of Thorns Propagation

The Crown of Thorns plant can be grown from cuttings and seeds. However, propagating crown of thorns from cuttings is easier than seed. The crown of thorns plant produces small yellow, red, pink or creamy white flowers throughout the year in tropical regions, but at other places in spring to summer. This plant can be grown indoors easily as it adapts quickly to indoor environments.

Growing Crown of Thorns Plant From Cuttings in Soil

Growing Crown of Thrones from cutting
Crown of Thrones Plant can be grown from a cutting

When To Propagate Crown of Thorns Plant

The best time for growing crown of thorns plant from cuttings is from spring to summer when the plant is actively growing. How to grow and care for crown of thorns plant

Taking Crown of Thorns Cuttings
Crown of Thorns Cuttings

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  1. Take and Prepare Crown of Thorns Cuttings

    1. Wear gloves when taking the cuttings from crown of thorns plant as the plant will release latex sap on cutting which is irritating to the skin.
    2. Take semi-hardwood cuttings, top portion of the newly growing cuttings. The cuttings from middle of the stem take too long to grow roots or may fail to root.
    3. Take about 3 to 5 inch long cutting using a sharp and clean blade or knife. Wash the cut end of the plant to prevent latex sap from leaking. 
    4. Place the cuttings in shade for 2-3 days to allow the cut end to callus (dry). This is important, otherwise the cutting may rot in soil.
  2. Take a small pot having many drainage holes.
  3. Propagation Medium or Rooting Soil Mix: Fill the pot with seed raising soil mix. You can prepare your own rooting medium by mixing coarse river sand in potting soil in equal amount. The river sand makes the soil free draining.
  4. Water the soil thoroughly and place the pot in shade for half an hour to drain excess water.
  5. Make a hole in the soil with a stick and plant the cuttings about 1 inch deep. No rooting hormone is needed. Do not water again.
  6. Enclose the pot in a plastic bag and place in shade. The new growth will emerge in a few weeks.
    Planting Crown of Thorns Cuttings
    Planting Crown of Thorns Cuttings

    Rooting Crown of Thorns Cuttings in Water

    1. You can root crown of thorns cuttings in water easily. Prepare the cuttings as shown above. 
    2. Place the cutting upright in a glass or cup having 1 inch water,
    3. Keep the cutting in bright, indirect sunlight.
    4. The roots will appear in about 2 weeks.

    Growing Crown of Thorns Plant From Seed

    1. The Euphorbia plant can also be grown from seeds. The seeds can take months to germinate under right conditions.
    2. Only seeds will germinate as they are viable only for a short time. 
    3. You can take seeds from the ripe fruits, split them open and collect the seeds. 
    4. Fill a pot with the same potting soil as shown for cutting propagation.
    5. Sow the seeds on the surface of the soil and cover them lightly with sand.
    6. Spray some water and cover it with a clear plastic over it and place in bright shade.
    7. When you see the seedlings, remove the plastic. Lightly mist the soil and keep in shade to grow leaves.
    8. Transplant when you see one or two pairs of leaves.
    Propagated Crown of Thorns Cuttings
    Propagated Crown of Thorns Cuttings

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