How To Grow Oleander From Cuttings in Water or Soil: Kaner Propagation From Cuttings

Know how to grow and propagate oleander (Kaner) from cuttings in water and soil; and when and how to take oleander cuttings.

Can you grow an Nerium Oleander from a cutting? Yes, Nerium Oleander can be grown from cuttings quite easily, although oleander propagation (Kaner, Karabi) from seeds and layering is also possible. The method of oleander propagation from stem cuttings is the same for Pink oleander, Salmon pink oleander, White oleander, Yellow oleander, Red oleander, etc.

It is pointed out that every part of oleander shrub is toxic and poisonous, so wear rubber gloves and a face mask when taking oleander stem cuttings and working with them. Wash your hands after working with oleanders.

Oleander Propagation: How To Start An Oleander From a Cutting?
Red Oleander Flowers
Red Oleander Flowers

Following are the steps for growing an oleander shrub from a cutting. You can root the oleander cuttings first in water and then in soil or directly in soil.

Best time to take cuttings of Oleander or Kaner

Oleander cuttings are best taken in late summer when the oleander shrub finishes new vegetation growth. However, you can propagate oleander cuttings in Spring to Summer also, but not in winter when the tree becomes dormant.

How To Prepare Oleander Cuttings

The first step for propagation of oleander cuttings in water or soil is to prepare cuttings in a correct way.

  1. Always use a sterilized cutter or scissors or knife to take and prepare cuttings so as not to contaminate the cuttings.
  2. Select about 3-4 mm thick stems that are neither too young nor too old and also that have not flowered,  and their wood  have not hardened. Such stems have semi-hardwood.
  3. Cut the stem between 6 and 8 inches long and remove its lower leaves, you may keep a few top leaves.
  4. Lightly scrub the bark at the lower 1/8th inch of the cuttings or you can make a small slit at the lower portion using a sharp knife. This step greatly speeds up root formation.

Rooting Oleander Cuttings in Water

The question is can oleander cuttings be rooted in water? Yes, the Nerium Oleander stem cuttings can be rooted easily in water. Follow the following procedure to propagate oleander from cuttings in water.

  1. Take a glass and fill water in it about 1 inch high.
  2. Rub the lower portion of cuttings with aloe Vera gel to speed up the root formation. You may dissolve some aloe Vera pulp in water also.
  3. Stand the cuttings in this water.
  4. In every 3-4 days, take out the cuttings and stir water to add oxygen in water.
  5. Change the water in the bottle every week.
  6. The cuttings will take roots in a few weeks.

Video on Growing Oleander from Cuttings

How to grow oleander from cuttings

Once the cuttings are rooted, you can plant them in free-draining nutrition rich soil.

Propagation of Oleander Stem Cuttings in Soil

  1. For growing Oleander from cuttings in soil, first prepare the oleander cuttings as mentioned above.
  2. Take a small pot having many drainage holes for excess water.
  3. Fill this pot with a free-draining soil (best soil mix for rooting cuttings). It can be river sand or seed raising soil or a mixture of potting mix and river sand. Water the pot and mix the soil and water again to ensure that the soil is wet at all the places.
  4. Keep the pot in shade for about half an hour to drain excess water.
  5. Planting Oleander Cuttings
    1. Apply rooting hormone at the lower end of the cutting. You can use a chemical rooting hormone or a natural rooting hormone like aloe Vera gel. It is mentioned that the rooting hormone is not essential, the cuttings may root even without it if proper rooting conditions are met. The use of rooting hormone speeds up the root formation.
    2. Make a hole in the soil by a small stick and insert the cutting in it about 1 inch above the bottom of the pot, and press the soil around it. DO NOT push the cutting in the soil.
    3. You can plant 3-4 cuttings in the same pot.
  6. You have to ensure soil to be moist and high humidity around the cuttings. This can be accomplished by putting the pot in a polyethylene bag and seal it. This works as a mini greenhouse maintaining high humidity in side.
  7. Place the bag in shade at a warm place, temperature more than 20°C. If you have lower temperature in your area, then keep the bag indoors, even in an AC room, away from direct air current.
  8. Open the bag every week and spray some water on soil, if it is dry.

Karen propagation, Planted Oleander cuttings
Oleander cuttings Planted For Taking Roots

When the Oleander Cuttings will Root?

Oleander Cuttings planted and enclosed in a bag
Oleander Cuttings planted and enclosed
in a bag (Mini Greenhouse)

The oleander cuttings do not take long to root. If you enclose the planted cuttings in a bag, then the cuttings will be rooted in 10 to 15 days and you will see the growth of new leaves, some roots may also come out from the bottom holes of the pot. If you do not enclose the cuttings in a bag, then they may take a month to root.

Oleander Cuttings Rooted
Oleander Cuttings Rooted and new leaves grown

Transplant the seedlings in new pots or in ground.