How To Propagate Pothos Money Plant: Water and Soil Propagation of Pothos Cuttings

The article shows how to propagate pothos in water and soil (dirt) with pictures. Know where to cut pothos to propagate it fast in water and soil without rooting hormone.

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), with its lush green leaves and easy to care nature, has become a beloved houseplant. Moreover, it is considered lucky and known as money plant in India and other countries.

Pothos propagated from Cuttings
Pothos Propagated from Cuttings

One of the simplest way of having pothos or money plant in your house is by propagating it from cuttings. You may choose to propagate from cuttings in water or soil, this guide will take you through the step-by-step process of growing pothos from cutting and share the beauty of this plant with relatives and friends. Types of money plant

The above picture shows a pothos propagated from small cuttings, first rooted in water and then planted in soil. The procedure is described below.

Pothos can thrive in various conditions in water and soil, making it a perfect candidate for propagation. The propagated potho will be genetically identical to the parent plant. This method of propagation is efficient, cost-effective, and a great way to engage in the joys of gardening.

Materials You'll Need

Healthy Pothos Plant
Choose a healthy, well-established pothos plant with vibrant green leaves. Healthy plants are more likely to propagate successful its cuttings.

Clean Pruning Shears
Use clean and sharp pruning shears or scissors to make clean cuts, which reduce the risk of damage to the cutting. Disinfect the shears with a dilute bleach solution or rubbing alcohol.

Container with Water or Potting Soil
Depending on your chosen method of propagation, you'll need either a container with water or a pot with potting soil.

Rooting Hormone (Optional)
Rooting hormone can encourage quicker root development, especially when propagating in soil, but not essential.

How To Take Pothos Cuttings

The first step to propagating pothos money plant is selecting a healthy vine for taking cuttings. Look for vibrant green leaves.

Now the important point is where to cut pothos to propagate it fast. If you cut the pothos vine at wrong point, then it will rot and not root in water or dirt. Cut pothos just below a node. Nodes are points where the leaves attach to the stem. Near the nodes you will see small root like growth. The new roots grow from and near the nodes, so they are crucial for root development.

Take pothos cuttings about 6 to 8 inch long, making sure you have at least one or two nodes on the cuttings. Remove the lower leaves.

Pothos cuttings for propagation in water ans soil
Pothos Cuttings for Propagation

The above picture shows the prepared pothos cuttings, cut below a node. The cuttings have 2-3 nodes where roots will grow.

Propagating Pothos in Water

  1. For the water propagation of pothos cuttings, take a clear glass bottle and fill it with clean water. Tap water is okay if it does not contain salt. If your water is hard, boil it in the evening and filter it in the morning and use. 
  2. You can add some rooting hormone in the water to speed up root formation. You can use any chemical rooting hormone or take an aloe Vera leaf and dissolve its gel in the water. Aloe Vera acts as a rooting hormone. If you do not use any rooting hormone, the cuttings will still root, may take slightly longer.
  3. Now place your cuttings in a container of water, making sure at least one node is submerged. 
  4. Change half of the water every 4-5 days and watch for root growth.
  5. how long does it take to propagate pothos in water
  6. The cuttings will begin to take root at the nodes in 1 to 2 weeks. Once these roots are a few inches long, you may transfer the rooted cutting in soil.
  7. You can keep the pothos in water forever, if you like, but ensure that you change the water at least once in a fortnight. or you can transfer the cuttings to soil.
  8. Transfer to Soil: Gently transplant the cuttings into a small pots filled with well-draining potting soil. Water the soil lightly and place the pot in a location with bright, indirect light.
Propagated cuttings in water showing strong roots
Propagated Cuttings in Water 

The above picture shows that very strong roots have grown on the pothos money plant cuttings in water.

Propagating Pothos in Soil Without Rooting Hormone

  1. For growing pothos cuttings in  soil, take cuttings as mentioned above. It is pointed out that while a bit longer money plant cuttings will successfully root in water, the smaller cuttings are preferred for propagation in soil.
  2. Take a pot having drainage holes at its bottom. 
  3. The rooting soil should be free-draining. You can make soil by mixing garden soil, compost and perlite or river sand in equal amount. 
  4. Fill the pot with this soil mix. Dip the cut end and nodes of the prepared cutting in rooting hormone to encourage root development and plant the cutting in it, ensuring that at least one node is in soil. You can plant the pothos cuttings without applying rooting  hormone, they will still root.
  5. Ensure the node is buried in the soil. Water the soil lightly.
  6. Place the pot at a bright place, but not in direct sunlight. Keep the soil slightly moist, but not soggy.
  7. You can cover the pot with a clear polythene bag to create a mini greenhouse.
  8. Rooting and Growth: Within a few weeks, the cutting should start developing roots and new growth. Once the plant is well-established, you can treat it like a mature pothos.
Pothos Cuttings in Soil
Pothos Cuttings in Soil

The above picture shows new propagated pothos in a pot with a coir stick, so that the vines can climb up on the stick.

Caring for Newly Rooted Pothos

Regardless of whether you propagated your pothos in water or soil, once the cutting has established roots and new growth, you can follow these general pothos care tips:

Pothos thrives in bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the leaves. It grows best indoors.

Water your pothos when the top inch of soil feels dry. Allow excess water to drain to prevent root rot. Water when the top one inch of soil is dry.

Pothos Vine Support
When your pothos branches have grown to about a foot long, then insert a moss or coir stick at the center of the pot and guide them to climb on it. When you water the pot, make sure to water on the stick also. This will hydrate the tiny roots near each node to grow roots, making your pothos to grow faster with bigger leaves.

Feed your pothos with a balanced liquid fertilizer like Powerfeed or miracle grow  every 4-6 weeks during spring and summer.

Pruning Pothos
Regularly trim the overgrown pothos vines to maintain shape and encourage new growth. Pruning also helps your pothos to put its energy on healthy foliage growth.

Pests and Diseases
Keep an eye out for pests like mealybugs and scale. Treat any infestations with insecticidal soap. it is a good idea to spray a week solution of neem oil, once in a month to prevent any insect problem.

Repotting Pothos: When to Repot
Repot your pothos when the roots start to emerge from bottom holes of the pot. Choose a slightly larger pot, make sure the roots have enough space to spread out comfortably, use potting soil

Water thoroughly after repotting. Fresh potting soil and a thorough watering after repotting will keep your pothos happy and thriving.

You can propagate pothos in water or soil quite easily without the need for a rooting hormone, it you know how to take pothos cuttings.

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