Houseplants That Can be Propagated In Water: Indoor Plants To Propagate In Water

What plants can you propagate in water? Learn how to propagate houseplants in water without soil and a list of best and easy indoor plants to propagate in water.

You can propagate plant cuttings in water and make more plants. You can propagate many plants including indoor plants and outdoor plants in water and make new plants, which are exactly similar to the parent plants for free. 

Rooting plant cuttings in water is the simplest way to propagate and clone plants including indoor plants.
Best plants to propagate in water, Rubber plant propagated in water
Indoor Plants to Propagate in Water, Rubber plant propagated in water

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Water propagation is the easiest way to propagate plants as compared to plant propagation in soil and air layering methods. Know below which houseplants can be propagated in water, and best houseplants for propagation in water easily.  

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How To Propagate Plants In Water

Read below the tips and steps for plant propagation in water successfully.

When To Propagate Plant Cuttings In Water

During the growing season, the success of propagation is very high and your cutting will grow strong healthy roots.

Spring and summer are ideal time for most propagation of most of the plants, but you can try all year round.

You Need

  1. Clean Bottle
  2. Chemical-free water at room temperature
  3. Patience

PROCUDURE For Plant Propagation In Water

  1. Taking Correct Cuttings

    1. Taking Correct type of cuttings is very important for rooting plant cuttings in water. Some houseplants root from soft-wood cuttings while some can be propagated only from semi-hard wood cuttings. There are some plants like hydrangeas whose cuttings can be rooted from both softwood and hardwood cuttings.
    2. Take cuttings 6 to 8 inch long, about 4 mm thick. The cuttings should have at least one bud (leaf joint).
  2. Simply put the cuttings (bud side) in room temperature water in the small bottle or jar, at least 1 inch deep and place the bottle in bright shade (indirect sunlight) or window sill.
  3. You can mix some aloe Vera gel or a tablet of aspirin in the water to promote roots, but that is not essential.
  4. Stir the cuttings in water to add oxygen in water which is needed for rooting.
  5. Change water every 4-5 days to prevent algae growth. 
  6. Root formation may take from a few weeks to a few months. Some plants like crotons and spider plants root very quickly while some plants like the sansevieria (snake plant) will take a long time. Have patience.
  7. Once strong roots are grown you can plant the rooted cuttings in soil.

Indoor plants water propagation- Croton propagated in Water
HousePlants to Propagate in Water | Croton Propagated in Water

Here is a list of best and easy to propagate indoor plants which you can try to propagate by water propagation.

Chinese Money Plant
Dracaena, Lucky Bamboo Plant
Jade Plant
Peace Lily (Peace lily plant care video)
Pothos plants, The Indian Money Plant
Rubber Plant
Snake Plant
Spider Plant
ZZ Plant