Jade Plant Problems: Wrinkled, Wilting, Limping, Droopy Leaves, Leggy Plant, Stunted Growth

The jade plant is generally problem-free. But the plant may have some problems, mainly leaf problems like leaves falling off, wrinkled, limping and dropping leaves or brown, yellow black leaves. The plant may be leggy or its growth is reduced. The plant may have such problems if lighting, overwatering or underwatering or incorrect soil.

It is natural to lose lower foliage and old foliage at the bottom as the plant matures.
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Jade Plant Problems
Jade Plant

Droopy Leaves, Leggy and Stretched Plant

If the entire plant including stems, branches and leaves is getting droopy, it means that plant is not getting enough light or the roots are not getting enough moisture due to under-watering or getting too much moisture due to over-watering. These both situations can cause root rot reducing its growth. Due to low light, the plant gets elongated in search of more light, and the leaves becoming  thin and less colourful.

Overwatered vs Underwatered Jade Plant

Signs of Underwatered Jade Plant

The signs of an under watered jade plant include soft leaves and stems, leaves drying and falling off, wrinkled leaves, and shrivelling leaves and/or stems.

Signs of Overwatered Jade Plant

The symptoms of an over-watered hade plant include leaves turning yellow, all stems, branches and leaves falling off, droopy stems, even healthy leaves begin to fall.

How to tell if Jade Plant is underwatered or overwatered?

As mentioned above, the symptoms of both the underwatered and overwatered jade plants are the same. In both the situations the plant has drooping and falling off leaves. Then how to tell whether your jade plant is overwatered or underwatered.

If healthy leaves begin to fall, it is a sign of underwatering. If the leaves turning black and falling off, it is a sign of overwatering.

How to treat an overwatered jade plant?

The best treatment of an overwatered jade plant is to stop watering the plant and then dry the plant. For this,
  1. Remove the plant from the pot and carefully remove the saturated soil from the roots without damaging the roots. Remove rotten roots that look black in colour.
  2. Clean the drainage holes of the pot or use a pot having several draining holes.
  3. Replace the soil with a free-draining potting mix.
  4. Repot the plant keeping the root ball at the same depth in the soil as was in the previous pot.

How To Treat Droopy Leaves on Jade Plant?

  1. Do not overwater the plant, also do not allow the soil to dry out fully. Water deeply when the top 2 inch soil is dry.
  2. Move the plant to a bright location, where it gets indirect bright light or direct sun in the morning.

Dry and Dropping Foliage

Wrinkled and crisp leaves that gets dropping/falling off the plant show drought stress due to under-watering or heat exposure if the plant is located too close to AC duct line or kept near a heater.

How To Treat such Jade Plant?

  1. The water stressed jade plant will not die in short time and is easy to restore. Water the plant deeply until it drains out of the drainage holes.
  2. Move the plant away from hot locations in the house.

Jade Plant Stunted Slow Growth

If your jade plant does not grow for a very long time, then it may be due to several reasons.

The jade is a slow-growing plant, and it grows slowly during winter. Its growth also slows down in dark places due to low levels of natural light. The jade's growth also reduces during winter due to low temperatures.

Poor soil or nutrition depleted soil will also reduce the growth of your jade plant.

How to improve this Jade Plant problem?

  1. Move the plant in a brighter location.
  2. During winter months relocate the plant to warmer area in the house.
  3. repot the plant with new nutrition rich free-draining soil.

Jade Plant Wilted and Shrivelled Foliage

Wilted, soft to touch leaves may be due to insufficient sunlight, overwatering or under-watering or over fertilization.

Soft leaves are due to overwatering, while the wrinkled leaves show the plant is water stressed and needs water.

How To Treat such Jade Plant?

  1. Water only when the top 2 inch soil is dry.
  2. Ensure that the water does not stand in soil. Use a free-draining soil. Do not keep the plant in areas of high moisture like bath room.
  3. Keep the plant in bright indirect light or direct sun. Move the plant indoors in freezing temperatures.
  4. Do not overfertilize your jade plant.

Brown, Black Crispy Jade Plant Foliage

Crisp brown or black leaves or burnt foliage is a result of sunburn. To prevent it, move the plant to shade in intense afternoon sun, better keep the plant where it gets bright and indirect light all day long.

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