Health Benefits of Mangoes

Mango health benefits including in cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pregnancy, skin, etc. are discussed below.Mango (Mangifera Indica) is one of the most nutritious and tasty fruits and is correctly known as The king of fruits. It excels in its flavor, taste, nutrition and heath benefits.

Health benefits of Mango Fruits
Nutritious Mango Fruits on a Tree

Mango (Mangifera Indica) is one of the most nutritious and tasty fruits and is correctly known as The king of fruits. It excels in its flavor, taste, nutrition and heath benefits.

Mango health benefits including in cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pregnancy, skin, etc. are discussed below.

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Ripe Mango Nutritional Facts

Mango contains a variety of phytochemicals and nutrients including dietary fibre, calcium, vitamins, minerals and potassium. Mangoes are high in energy, low in fat, sodium free and cholesterol free. A mango contains more than 25 different vitamins and minerals, so it may be called a superfood.

Mango Nutritional Table

Mango Nutrients
Nutrition Value per 100 g fresh mango
Nutrient Value % of RDA
Energy250 kJ 0r 60 kcal-
Carbohydrates15 g-
Sugars13.7 g-
Total Fat0.38g-
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber1.6g-
Potassium168 mg4%
Sodium1 mg0%
Iron0.16 mg1%
Calcium11 mg1%
Copper0.110 mg12%
Magnesium10 mg3%
Phosphorous14 mg2%
Manganese0.063 mg3%
Zinc0.09 mg1%

Mango Nutrients
Nutrition Value per 100 g fresh mango
Vitamins & Phyto-nutrients % of RDA
Vitamin A54 µg7%
Vitamin C36.4 mg44%
Vitamin E0.9 mg6%
Vitamin K4.2 µg4%
Thiamine (Vitamin B1)0.028mg2%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)0.038 mg 3%
Niacin (Vitamin B3)0.669 mg4%
Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)0.197 mg4%
Vitamin B60.119 mg9%
Folates (Vitamin B9)43 µg11%
beta-carotene640 µg6%
Lutein zeaxanthin23 µg-

USDA National Nutrient data base, http://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/search/list
Percentages are roughly approximately based on US recommendations for adults.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Mangoes?

There are several health benefits of eating mangoes to the body. You should always eat ripe and fresh mango.

Mango Nutrition: Antioxidants

  1. Mango fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and beta-carotene.
  2. Mangoes gives you more beta-carotene, an antioxidant, than any other fruit. They can help fight the signs of ageing by assisting with the growth and repair of cells, tissues and skin. The antioxidant is also essential for vision.
  3. Consumption of fruits rich in carotene is known to protect the body from lung and oral cavity cancers.
  4. Vitamin C, an important antioxidant is required in the formation of collagen, that gives structure to bones, cartilage, muscle and blood vessels, besides it protects you from infections.
  5. Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of iron in the body.
  6. Vitamin A is required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin.

Calories in Mangoes

  1. One cup of sliced or diced mango makes two servings. Mangoes are low in calorie and high in dietary fiber, 100 g mango (about half a mango) provides only 60 calories and 1.6 g fiber; and it is free of fat, cholesterol and sodium, so eating mangois good for weight loss.
  2. Mangoes are low GI food (41-60), so their energy (calories) comes mainly from carbohydrates. This energy is absorbed slowly into the body, which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and keeps you satisfied for longer.
  3. Include a mango as a snack or even as part of a healthy meal without any fear of putting on weight.

Mango Protects Against Cancers

Research has shown that eating mangoes can protect against many many cancers including colon, breast, leukaemia and prostate cancers. This anti-cancer benefit comes from the presence of poly-phenolic antioxidant compounds including quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat in mangoes.

Mango Lowers Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

  1. The high levels of dietary fiber and vitamin C help to lower cholesterol levels.
  2. High potassium in mango helps to regulate blood pressure, controlling heart rate and muscle contraction.

Mango Improves Immunity

The high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C and several carotenoids in mangoes keep the immune system healthy and strong.

Benefits of mangoes in Anemia and Pregnancy

Mango high Iron content, 160 mg in 100 g mango) is beneficial to people with anemia and pregnant women. Note that mango is not only safe to eat during pregnancy, but it provides vital nutrients to the pregnant woman.

However, eating too much unripe mangoes during last trimester may cause bleeding and can thus lead to miscarriage, as it is considered a warm fruit. No wonder, many old womwn advise not to eat raw mangoes during late pregnancy.

Mango Helps in Acidity and Digestion

Mango can also treat acidity and poor digestion because of an enzyme found in the fruit which soothes the stomach. This enzyme breaks down protein like papaya, helping digestion.

Mango Prevents Constipation

Due to the high content of fiber, eating ripe mangoes can be helpful in preventing constipation.

Fiber can be helpful in preventing colon cancer and high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Blood Cells

Mango gives us moderate amounts of copper which helps in the production of red blood cells.

Mango Benefits for Skin

Eating mangoes and applying externally on the skin can be helpful in clearing clogged pores and eliminate pimples.

Benefit in Eye Vision

The mangoes have high content of vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight and prevents night blindness.

Benefits in Gaining Weight

Drinking fresh ripe mango pulp in milk by making a mango smoothie or mango-milk shake is good for gaining weight.

Body Cleanser

Mangoes contain gallic acid,which is the best disinfectant, blood cleaner and cleanser for the body

Remedy for Heat Stroke

Drinking a drink of green mangoes helps to cool down the body and prevent harm due to heat.

Other benefits of eating mango that have been reported are Asthma Symptoms, Constipation, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Eye Disorders, Fever, Hair Loss, Heat Stroke, Infections, Kidney Problems, Liver Disorders, Menstrual Disorders, Morning Sickness, Piles, Prickly Heat, Respiratory Problems, Skin Clogged Pores, etc.

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