How To Germinate a Mango Seed : Mango Seed Germination

Learn how to germinate a mango seed fast in a paper towel. To grow a mango tree at home, the first need is seed germination. Germinating mango seeds is an exciting and rewarding process to successfully grow a mango tree from seed.

I will show you how to germinate a mango seed in a paper towel, although you can directly plant the seed in soil (how to germinate seeds quickly).

The paper towel method (germinating seeds in paper towel) is advantageous because you will know in advance whether the seed will produce seedling in soil or not, saving your time.

Mango Seed Germination, the seed germinated by paper towel method
Mango Seedling

how to grow mango tree from seed video

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Steps For Mango Seed Germination

The important thing you need is a proper mango seed.

Get Mango Seed

  1. Buy a fully ripe mango from your grocery store. Remove its flesh and take out the pit/seed.
  2. Clean the seed under running water to remove any residual pulp.
  3. Place the seed on a paper towel or newspaper in shade for one or two days to dry it. This helps prevent mold and fungal growth during germination process.

Prepare the Mango Seed For Germination

The mango pit can germinate without taking out the seed. However, if you split the pit or take out the seed, it will take less time to germinate.

Get mango seed out of husk of the pit: To crack open the mango seed, use a knife to open the husk of the pit. Slightly insert the knife at the concave side or less curved side of the seed and twist to open it, avoid damaging the seed. 

Crack Open Mango Seed, insert a knife here and twist
Crack Open Mango Seed, Open at the Thin Side

The above picture shows how to open a mango seed. Choose the thin side of the pit where the seed inside is not close, so chances of seed damage is minimum.

You may take out the seed from the pit, but that is not necessary. The mango seed will germinate even if you made a slight slit, you need not to take out the seed.

Mango Seed Germination in Paper Towel

You can easily germinate mango seeds in paper towel, provided you take some care.

  1. Lay the cleaned seeds on a paper towel or newspaper and fold the paper. Spray water to moisten the paper.
  2. Enclose the paper in a zip lock bag or a polythene bag. Place the bag in a warm and dark place, as the mango seeds need darkness and warm temperature to germinate. If outside temperature is below 25°C (77°F), place the bag indoors to germinate the seeds.
  3. Mist the paper towel after every few days to keep it moist as the seed need consistent moisture to sprout or germinate.
  4. Monitor the seed's progress every few days, change the paper towel if it develops fungus and moisten it again.
  5. The seed may sprout in 2 to 3 weeks, however, the germination time will depend on the mango ripeness and the temperature.
  6. The seed should stay in the paper towel for about 5 weeks to grow enough roots to plant it safely in soil.

Why seeds don't germinate in a paper towel?
  1. The main reason of the seed not sprouting is the paper towel getting too dry. You need to spray water on the paper towel every few days to keep is consistently moist but not sogg
  2. If the seed is too old, then it will not germinate in the paper towel or in soil.
  3. If the seed has been taken from an unripe or not fully ripe mango will also fail to germinate.
Germinated mango seed in Paper Towel
Mango Seedling

Planting the Germinated Seed

Plant the germinated mango seed in a pot containing free-draining soil.

You can place the pot inside a plastic bag to create a humid environment. This mimics the conditions of a greenhouse and promotes germination.

Place the pot in a bright, indirect sunlight location.

Be patient, as mango seeds can take several weeks to a few month to produce seedling.

Water the seedling regularly to keep the soil consistently moist, but avoid overwatering, which can lead to root rot.


When the seedling has developed several leaves and is a few inches tall, transplant it in a larger pot or in ground. Ensure that you do not harm the seedling. How to plant a mango tree in ground

Remember to provide your mango tree with a warm, sunny environment,

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